Players sabotaging own team

In the last days, I encoutered several times players who deliberately sabotage their own team, like placing respawn points sourrounded by barbed wire. We cannot report them as we can’t see their nickname.
This game already have several problems, now this.
Any solution Gaijing ?

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makes a change from the sabotaging team by “not” placing rallies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Report it on the game, extra, if you want to send a personally report, send a message to staff and moderators whit nick and replay

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Ar u sure it’s a teamate Who built wires next to the rallye ?

Sometimes, players build wires around the next défend point, and it can Hurt friendly team bcause there is a rallye near this place.

Sometimes enemys built wires next to ours rallye point. I did it when I discover an enemy rallye, but I’vnt AP mine or tnt.

Or maybe this Guy Just work for the enemy team… A spy ! :confused:

Just watch the replay and tell us.

This might not be sabotaging. Some new players dont understand how barbed wire works and they usually put it around rallies. I have ran into multiple clueless players that spam barbed wire on our routes to the point and our rallies

Probably the same guys that keep putting up barb wire in the door your team needs to get in…and keep doing it after you rip it down lol

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Yeah same people. Best way to deal with them is to guide them through the chat so they wont do it again

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Haha i was unlucky to have guys that didnt read chat…had to rip it down 6 times

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These guys are my arch-nemeses. They are pure evil.


sometimes idk if they are just stupid or deliberately trolling.

Most of the time they really believe they are doing a good job.
I’ve been accused several times of being a troll when I’ve been removing their barbed wire in the doorway in the middle of objective.

art of good trolling is to make people believe that you are not trolling.

Can’t report them, we can’t see nicknames above players and barbed wire death count as a suicide.

Yes I am sure, I destroyed some of them while the player was rebuilding them and he shot at me for fun

You can kill yourself via that barbed wired. Then you’ll see his name in killfeed and report him.

he is probably this guy

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if it friendly barbed wire i think it would just say you killed yourself though


I’m sure if you check the enginer assist in the scoreboard you can spot who builded them, because is the one with the most points who keep grow up

It is made for purpose.

Wrong game mate