Pilot in Enlisted cant parachute

When i fly as a pilot i have never managed to parachute. I know its the F you have to press but its also the key for dropping bombs. Then when i need to jump and press F the only thing i hear is the plane trying to drop bombs.

what how is it F for dropping bomb i thought the default was space bar for dropping bomb

F is to leave by default but that doesnt auto deploy chute (space does by default)

If you have rebound drop bombs to F as well that seems like a conflict. If F is something that you want that is fine though, you could set the bomb to F with a button setup

From there you have a few options that could inactivate the conflict.



the bomb drop with space no f

So while you are freefalling, what does the key bound to the parachute actually do?

it activate the parachute

I was asking the guy who said his parachute wasn’t opening lol

Yeah we are not in PUBG mobile who the parachute open at a certaint altitude we have to open herself