Penalties for deserters ... Sure

Every game, every time, always. Ad eternum. They’re always unbalanced games. It’s always like this: on one side, a real player with bots. And on the other side, a bunch of real players.

What’s the point of staying in a game that lasts less than 8 minutes? When you won’t even have time to get in the cap?

To make worse. Players now only play with tanks and planes to farm XP. So it’s just only you capturing or defending.

Enlisted is the only shooter game in which the majority now run to pick up vehicles because it’s impossible to get XP in unbalanced games.

If there are penalties for deserters, I think the best thing would be to take a vehicle, park it and wait for the time to pass. Shoot a few times to avoid being removed.

Cry more

Youre angry because you have no skills to farm EXP in balanced games.

Huh? xD Am I angry? Tell me more.

I don’t need explain why I’m closing this post.