Pavesi prototype rifle. M1942 PG in game editor


Wonder when this will be added to the game. I hope it comes alongside an Italian event squad or something.


I more hope Italian Sub tech tree


Yeah. Same here.

I hope for an independant Tech Tree

Is this different than the Gold Order M42?


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Isn’t so different, is the same gun overall just have 4 additional bullets

Pavesi Mod. 1942

The Pavesi Mod. 1942 was introduced into the game with the start of battle pass number 3, which started on 22 September 2021, and is available for the German faction.

Pavesi Mod. PG

The Pavesi Mod. PG is currently not present in any campaign and is available only in the mission editor.

Enlisted IMFDB
short answer no
long answer noooooooooooo

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Such a nice looking rifle. I wants it!

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