Panzerwagen 42 - WGR 41 Rocket Issues

I am mainly a panzerwagen 42 player and here some issues i have found with the rockets it fires:

Sometimes the rockets fly trough Tanks like they dont exist

Area of Effect Issues on Impact like an enemy can stand next to it, but if you hit a wall then the enemy doesn’t even take any damage, like you litterally need to aim at the ground to even hit somebody…

Reloading speed seems a bit too fast?, pretty unrealistic to think that you can just reload 10 rockets at the same time out of nowhere in just barely 2-3 seconds

These are some pretty heavy game breaking issues considering that i paid 35€ for this vehicle…

Another thing is that the BR Feels way too high, 90% of the time you get uptiered and die to pretty much anything instantly or in 2 hits, 2.0 BR would feel more reasonable

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Some other things to note:

The rockets for some reason doesn’t destroy any trees or cars or anything besides players or enemy vehicles, you litterally have to ram the vehicle at everything to even destroy it.

And can get stuck even at the tinyiest bit of rubble


I agree. Considering the low armour it has, it should be no higher than tier II or III. It can be easily balanced by having a longer reload time. To put this in comparison, the event Soviet Katyushka is BR II, I think?

The lack of customisation is also very lacking (this is for all premium vehicles, sadly) Having a standard desert yellow camo for snowy maps is an eye sore.

This one should be fixed in QoL 60 recently


The Soviet rocket tank is probably the worst ground vehicle in the game atm. So comparing the Panzerwerfer to it is kinda not right. Because PW has MG, actually very good rockets and can aim without need of moving the whole vehicle.

But I agree BR4 is unnecessarily high. It’s definitely not at same power level as Calliope is.

Fairly certain this is a “known issue”

This is ALL impact explosives. Impact nades, rifle nades, HE shells, rockets, all of them. Get used to it