Panzerbüchse 39 needs to be more viable

Japan and Soviet faction have arguably the best AT rifles currently, semi automatic, magazine fed and high penetration. That makes them viable even past BR 2. For example shooting hmg placements, fortifications, planes or mobility kill heavy tanks.

Only thing holding PzB 39 back is the laughable rate of fire and absurdly bad post pen damage. On avarage it takes 3-4 shots destroy a tank track and the time invested trying to do it is not worth it. Semi automatic AT rifles on the other hand can do this with 1-2 shots with minimal effort.

I belive PzB 39 should be somewhat changed make it more interesting choice. Increase post penetration damage or boost up the rate of fire significantly.

Ps: Germany doesn’t suffer and I’m just a AT rifle enjoyer.

Or just give Axis the finnish Lahti L-39 20mm AT rifle


A more historicall option can be the solothurn s18 1000 PzB-41 (s) or ss panzerbushe



If PzB-41 would be added to the game it should be a carriable version. AT gun would be needed to mount on the ground in order to shoot.

The Pak 40 exists as buildable AT cannon and PzB-41 wouldn’t be able compete in that role.


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Once I made a suggestion that german AT rifles, when mounted, should skip part of the reload animation where soldier opens and closes the box with rounds.
When mounted, this box would be always open so reload would be significaltly faster.
Sure, it won’t match rof of semi auto AT rifles but imo it’s a nice small buff.


Any buffs would be mostly welcomed PzB-39. It really struggles with too many issues.


They could give Germany PzB M.SS 41 was used by SS as name implies its bolt action though but it will defiantly be better than PzB 39 since unlike PzB 38 and 39 are single shot this is bolt action (uses same cartilage as PzB 39&38) I saw some other Czech At rifles which were semi-auto but for that I have to check my archive and find them its a long hassle right now maybe later


Technically GrB-39 was real fix to PzB-39. They made it into heat projectile grenade launcher and shortened the barrel.

If GrB-39 is able to reload a new heat round and a blank round just 3.9 seconds and achieve 55 rpm… I wouldn’t see no reason why PzB-39 shouldn’t be able to fire faster 14 rpm.


I hope they adjust the zeroing on the GrB-39 because the 100m zeroing is never usefull and certainly makes it so much harder to use.

Funny thing about PzB-39 - it doesn’t have a reload - take a shot with AT rifle, immediately switch to other gun, 2-3 seconds later switch to PzB and it’s ready to fire again.

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