P63 King Cobra

The P63 is a nice plane, but not in enlisted. Its aplane that has no place in the game right now. Beig tier IV it has no bombs and a lackuster armament. To solve those problems it needs a buff to its gun and a 100kg or a 250kg bomb. Then it would fit in to the tier IV category and fill gap of the soviet tech tree. Right now its clearly over prised and the devs have probaly forgoten it even exists.


Would still be a great plane to include since the US supplied thousands of them through the lend lease act and Russian pilots are said to have loved it.

I cant fly ,I am a worthless Pilot LOL

All aircraft should have access to load outs.
It should possible to spawn without bombs for maximum speed and agility, gunpods, rockets, bombs ect for aircraft that had them.


I’m still waiting for my 37 cannons for my Stuka G (G for Guttentag Tank-Boi) :rofl:


P63 is a late war aircraft, Tier 4 is perfect for it.

Besides it’s really good, it literally decimates bombers and slow attacker planes with ease. It’s also good at strafing, it’s just that berlin is a shit map for strafing.

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yeah it could use bombs and rockets though;

kind of sucks that it doesn’t, pure fighters feel very “situational” in enlisted compared to more flexible fighter-bombers