P-47 Thunderbolt’s first flight

In early May 1941, the prototype of the P-47 fighter developed by Republic Aviation, designated XP-47B, flew for the first time and successfully passed its flight test.

Just a year later, in March 1942, the new P-47 fighters began rolling off the assembly line and entering service.

The Thunderbolt was known for its high top speed and its great potential for mounting suspended and offensive armaments. At the same time, the fighter turned out to be quite heavy and was inferior in maneuverability to many of its counterparts. The combination of these qualities determined its role in the USAAF: fighter-bomber and ground-attack aircraft.

More than 15,000 P-47s with various modifications were built during World War II, making it the most mass-produced American fighter aircraft in history!

From May 13th (13:00 UTC) to May 19th (13:00 UTC), you can get rewards for completing tasks.

For completing 5 out of the 9 tasks, you will receive a unique decal for aircraft (only for US aircraft), and for 7 completed tasks, a unique portrait!


Stage 1:

  • Destroy 4 vehicles.
  • Kill 100 enemies.
  • Complete 4 battles.

Stage 2:

  • Destroy 8 vehicles.
  • Kill 60 enemies using a vehicle.
  • Complete 6 battles.

Stage 3:

  • Kill 120 enemies using a vehicle.
  • Your rally points were used 30 times (including APCs).
  • Complete 8 battles.


  • The tasks can be completed in the Squads mode.
  • The list of tasks is updated every two days at 13:00 UTC.
  • Tasks can be completed simultaneously.
  • Uncollected rewards will disappear when the tasks change.
  • From May 19th to May 21st (13:00 UTC), after the end of the event, you will have the opportunity to purchase any missing rewards.

i like that decal ngl but for me the task (specifically the vehicle one) is gonna a bit tough but i will get it done

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nice appearance orders too! thanks


Look, the Razorback!

I have it. Do you?
(Me being an ass :laughing:)



What! We didn’t at least get the aircraft!


A third P47D lol

The event is just fill with a bunch of filler cosmetic order what a disgress

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When did you change your pfp?

2 days ago.

It’s spring, I needed a change :smile:




I wonder if those event vehicles will come back one day, for those who missed them :thinking:


that one is from twitch drops, not a event vehicle.

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The last thing we need is another flying abomination hurling HVAR/M8 on our faces.


I thought for sure they were going to distribute these butts again.
Well, airplane decals are something no one (not even me) will ever see in this game, but that’s okay.

until you suicide bomb someone in the face, surely they will know ur tastes (and how toxic you are )


When I read P-47 my heart skipped a beat thinking it got nerfed, turns out its just double events time.

Nice little event :purple_heart:.

However, it is a shame that we are not having the opportunity to get a unique decals more frequently.


Nice and simple little event, hope to see more of these


Its a both happy and sad thing to see it nerfed, cause its already a A-hole’s favorite plane in this game. But without it, us in high br is hopeless as no infantry can get on the point under type-hei auto, fg42-2 spam, and cannot fight ho-ri and king- tigers with the armor they have.

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