Opinion on my campaign ideas

What idea for campaign do you prefer?
-Invasion of Crete (or another Greek campaign)
-Invasion of Poland/France (Early war)
-Battle (Siege) of Tobruk
-Battle of Shanghai (the best idea in my opinion)

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Battle of Shanghai gives a chance of:
-Chemical weapons
-Chinese faction
-Urban warfare

Yeah, I would like that too. But definitely not any soon. I think devs should focus on already present factions first.

The thing is campaigns are going away so a lot of possible scenarios are gonna be left out if they don’t have a future to put it like that, France and Poland might come in a form of combined armies and China will definitely come as a nation of its own, but of course all of this will be way later on

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Any campain that does not reuse current factions probably is a big no no as it would split existing queues and devtime will be allocated into fixing and improving the merge for a while.

Edit: New factions most likely only if the merge is fully done and player numbers recovered and climbed sufficiently to support it. Mabye then they will try it but it is just a guess.

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Not really, just format is going to change. I think they’ll still keep calling new big additions campaigns.

Im pretty sure that this will be the next faction added, I mean there were new french voicelines datamined and I do want to see the french in game.


ok but are we gonna have one huge problem tho? like do we have to farm the gun again? i swear the chinese use m3 grease gun and other American weapon so yea are we sure that this is ok?
reason: the point of the merge is to get rid of unlocking same weapon so yea it is really a good idea?

Invasion of France, for all those French vehicles, and early war stuff.

Shanghai would be meh to me. chinese faction wouldn’t bring any new things in play, only a mix of vehicles and armament from other factions, using chinese names. Maps would be really nice however.

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we might get that kinda cool looking French smg we barely seen in other game
personally i have never even look up any French gun at all so it will be interesting to me.

Oh I might just stay with good ol rifles.

But Char B1 thought…


As previously stated:
Developers are currently working full force for the new Meta.
For other campaigns and such, I can only share my two cents:
What is already in the game? It’s always a good indicator what comes next.

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completely off topic

KV2 confirmed???

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Do not make me dream in vain! I absolutely NEED KV2 since Enlisted is Enlisted.

their all good - why not add Arnhem -
battle of the Bulge
El alamein
telemark commando op
theis 100s of battles
their are of ways to make a great game as u described
but us low lvl players won’t stand a chance unless they balance the game to some extent and stop the cheats
who can wipe out an entire squad with a rifle and an anti-tank rifle cant pen an Italian tank its pointless having it as for the mortar team no idea how to aim so the British anti-tank rife or the Italian one utterly useless