Open to Mod Comissions

Recently I have happened to have more time upon my hands to create more detailed mods at the behest of people’s requests, and at the expense of my sanity.

I’ve currently decided to work on many mods over the course of the next 4 months. However these mods are to be detailed and require a lot of work and lots of stress.

I’ve decided that if I’m going to be working to such extremes, I should at least get paid or rewarded, right?

So that leads me to my main point, you can now pay me with Enlisted Gold (for now, am considering actual money) or by gifting me a premium squad (will be decided upon negotiation) to make your mod at your request. Provided that it is a reasonable mod of course, say for instance the Vietnam War, or the Invasion of Albania.

Anything unreasonable, such as the Latin War mod, creating animals, or a Anime hentai mod will be rejected.

Anyways, the down payment is 500 gold, or $5 USD, and then the price of the mod comission will be decided from there.

If anybody has any suggestions for a mod, find me on Discord or message me on the fourms.

Have a good one!
– PrivateRyan


Just asking, is it required to pay if we are asking about some coding methods(e.g. how i can modify certain things in player profiles, or fixing certain issues with codes, etc.).

I know this question is kinda stupid, but such codes are actually requesting a mod in fragments. So i ask here to clarify this part, both to help the community grow and reduce the chance of any arguments happening

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No, of course not. Offering advice or knowledge on how to code is free, however if you want me to make a whole custom mod for you, then it’ll cost you.

Glad I could clarify this issue.

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These are dangerous grounds you’re walking on. You are trying to create money out of something that’s not your intellectual product (Enlisted, Dagor Engine, the assets in enlisted etc)

Hightly doubt they will care but still.

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Idea if you want to create a mod for that : Napoleon war with french vs british with the bolt action with 1 shot in the chamber and give a long reload like 4 second with blunderbust shotgun and maybe retexture AT cannon as regular cannon

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I get paid for making original ideas. The assets that I use are free for everyone, but mods that I create are mine.

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Maybe. I did create an American Civil War mod by using a Berdan but altering it to function like a Percussion cap musket, so I could maybe try and see if I could make a Napoleonic War mod.

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Is the berdan have a bayonnette by default?

No. One could try editing the properties in entities.blk to add one

First mod commissioned: Siege of Peking - Boxer Rebellion


Great! PrivateRyan!

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Well i guess i can help you by sharing the codes of my zombie maps (that are already open-sourced). Its basically stuff you can find on forum (in fact, 90% are copied) but you can use it as a template when someone asks for a zombie map. Just remember to not remove the credits in entities.blk

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Well thanks for the code, I appreciate it. I’ll remember to give credit where it is due if I ever do make a zombie mod based off of this code.

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I’m very curious how you’re going to handle the clothes, especially the Chinese one


how much would it cost me to commission you to replace all of the gun sounds in the game with your own voice acting imitating the gun sounds (bam, pow, kerblam)


That would be hilarious

and that would cost a lot too (,considering it is just basically to make fun of @PrivateRyan44 's voice lol)

And i would probably add “anything unreasonable including using my voice to replace gun sounds” to the first post if i were @PrivateRyan44

Anything unreasonable, such as the Latin War mod, creating animals, or a Anime hentai mod will be rejected.



it wasnt intending to make fun of anybody, besides, everybody has a price!

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In every designer, developer, or artist website a donating link is somewhere. Try aiding to the donation pot of gold and then find time to organize the sanity behind each offered means of modding. Good Luck to your detailed adventure of modding I have trouble with terraforrming.