One step closer

Unfortunately it’s a BB


If you are up for the challenge, you can buy a real M1 Carbine chambered in .30 and have it shipped to you (if you live in the US at least). All you need is $700- $2500 though.

that is the plan 1 day

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'Tis a very good investment, my friend. Far better than buying an Iphone 15 ($999). May you succeed in your journey in finding an M1 Carbine, and may it be in great condition.

nuff said :stuck_out_tongue:

btw pray for all those that have sold their old iphones cause new update just restored deleted data (some people got nudes from previous owner in their album).

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How did they bring back deleted data? Does the data cache still keep everything even after you delete something on an iPhone?

apple f*cked up the update somehow and any data that wasnt overwritten has resurfaced in all phones that updated to new software version(17.5). apparently there were photos as old as 2016 reported to be restored.

exact cause of this bug is still to be determined.

Just make sure to nerf your semi auto, to Enlisted specs for ROF, or you get people complaining, when you use against BA people :stuck_out_tongue: