Object Groups (Dagdp)

Looks like we are getting a new feature for the editor:

dagdp_xxx entites. (Dagor Dynamic Placement?)

Dirt road covered with bricks

Randomly placed mushrooms

Seems like you can add any RI from the RI list and cover a designated area.

Some funny stuff can be achieved:

Needs more research, but looks like you have to define the RI in assets to be used in the placer entity.


finally, we’ve waited

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Has anyone tried the new feature yet? Is it possible to create a forest wherever you want or a road?

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You can’t create anything anywhere. (i haven’t looked into it)

Roughly this is how it works:


The terrain has predefined areas. For example: grassland, burnt lands, deserts, roads, etc

You can specify for example, to paint pine trees over deserts marked in orange. Or paint debris over roads. etc.

It’s not a painter tool.

You can place any RI over dirt roads for example. I might make a guide tomorrow.


it would be nice, I don’t have time to look it up yet.

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@Bigote0070 Would you please close this topic? Thanks.

Continued here: [Guide] Object Placer

Closed as requested

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