Not fun anymore

It used to be fun this game but after the fk update i have gone from a general to a sergerant bqs i loose all the time now. The reason is that I alays end up with noobs. I think the game put together better teams and worse teams so that the better tems always wins. To be in a better team y must pay extra dollars.

I ill look for another game not made by this game maker.



The reason you always end up with “noobs” now is because everyone’s rank has been reset. This is because a new BP/ranking season has just started.

Btw. Ranks has no correlation with skill.


This is it, I have played no for several hours and been looseing the whole time. I am deleting the game now. I have had it!

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Okay, bye. ( ͡°з ͡°)



Try other faction man, you are not entitled to play one faction my suggestion is try soviets I am guessing you were playing western allies but nonetheless soviets have the best weaponry available and also the games playing as soviets are not as hard as USA but not as easy as Axis so you would get a mix of challenge and fun otherwise if you feel its not fun just stop playing and play other games for that day it happens way often to me and I just play one of my Strategy games and completely forget Enlisted

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See ya later noob. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Hell, don’t I remember you saying you would leave or whatever? Why are you still here?