Not Dev News#2 Players fixes things purchased themself

First of all, I would like to thank the development team for providing us with some development news and updates during this period.

As players, while waiting for more exciting news from the development team, this weekend, let’s take a look at some of the content that players have made for the game as an appetizer.

You can also check out the previous issue of Not A Dev News #1 published two weeks ago for more interesting content.

These functions are made by the players for their own mods through the editor provided by the developers in their spare time. I will share the relevant files at the end of the article so that everyone can freely use them in their own mods.

Note that most of the content of these custom templates can only be run in the mod of the multiplayer game after the development team has perfected the functions of the multiplayer game, so you may need to wait patiently IN SOOON.

Flying Heavy Cannon

We have some planes with cannons in the game

Players like me who bought BF-110-C6 and Berlin Yak-9K must be able to find that these aircraft equipped with heavy cannons do not have the ability to dealing with tanks as text described in the promotional poster.

Many players have discovered this issue and documented it on the forum. And there are some naughty players who just laugh at us for being stupid for falling into the scam.

The 45mm cannon of Yak-9K’s default ammo set in War Thunder can easily damage many tanks, this 45mm cannon and even able destroy the Panther and Tiger Tanks!

The mk103 30mm gun of the bf-110 C6 can easily make damage to t-34.

However this cases not happen in the Enlisted game.

But now our optimistic community players have found the problem positon and fixed it!

The reason is because the armor-piercing capability of the AP-I or APCR in the default ammo set of these aircraft was been forgotten to be set.

I tryied fix them to more close to the WarThunder. They now can do some damage to tanks.

But I can’t fully reproduce the damage effect in War Thunder, all this needs to be officially fixed and finalized by the development team

For Yak-9K, I modified the 45mm_ns45_bt_bullet.blk(AP-T)

For BF-110-C6, I modified the 30x184bmm_pzgr_40_l_spur_bullet and 30x184bmm_pzbrgr_m_el_bullet(AP-I)

At least, in the next version of the Big Action mod, you’ll be able to hunt armored vehicles in-game with these flying cannons you were bought with golds.

Here i provid two mods for players who want to try your Yak-9K or BF-110-C6 in local game with one player. Also included some new features in these two mod. If you don’t have these two planes, you can also open and run to try other features.

(try your Yak-9K

(try your BF-110-C6

We have to marvel at the amazing work that the development team has brought us. Now Enlisted has surpassed a game. It is even a training software to improve the player’s programming ability!

If Players want to play some Premium squads, they not only need to buy them, the players also must repair them by player themselfs, and then they can experienced the same features as advertised. All of this is not a consumer scam as claimed by some players, but the good intentions of the development team!


I only repaired BF-110-C and Yak-9K here, please comment here if you know if there are others plane cannons need to be fix.

The Heavy Machine Gun In The Official Poster

Every players here must be familiar with this poster

But it’s a pity that we didn’t see such a thing in current mode of the game.

Now we community players have found a way in the editor to give players more flexibility in deploying their machine guns. It can even be deployed on the ground, as what was shown in the poster.

You are now better able to use this vital support firepower to strike opponents and provide strong fire support to your teammates!

Don’t worry that this would be too OP in small map of CQC style, because Big Action Mod is carried out in the full-size Moscow map made by the development team, and each playable area can reach more than 1 kilometer, so the firepower of the machine gun will be reasonable usage in it.

And now players can unlock the construction have machine gun by the AA technology. Most of the players can use it, bring your engineering squad!

Proper Useage Of Rocket Artillery

Many players from War Thunder may hope to see more types of vehicles in Enlisted, such as self-propelled artillery and self-propelled mortars, In fact some of these vehicles already exist in the game.

Players who have bought rocket vehicles may feel somewhat disappointed. We cannot experience the correct use of these rockets in the game. We are limited to a small playable area by the poor gray area where we can only aim directly.

Players who bought these premium vehicles hoping for some unique gaming experience, but mostly just acted like a team clown. And being mocked by some other players who claim that these vehicles are never seen in the game anymore because they are just useless things.

Here maybe you can see some changes that bring some warmth to your heart.

In the next version of Big Action Mod you will be able to play a more real role of these rocket vehicles, striking the enemy with long-range indirect fire.

I added a third-person indirect sight for BM8-24 and panzerwerfer42, you can set the shooting distance through this sight, just like the mortar and the howitzer introduced before, aim and hit the enemy in a specific area. And you can see where the roket landed positions on the minimap so you can calibrate your gun.

Since the range of these rockets in the default data in the game is even up to several thousand meters, the rocket can even reach more than 7 kilometers. But even a well-made winter map of Moscow is not of this size. So I nerf down the distance these rockets can fly, so that you can hit enemies at hundreds of meters or a thousand meters or so. And I also increased the firing speed of the rockets, now you can hear a more continuous firing sound, like a pipe organ.

Now rocket vehicles will be divided into vehicle-artillery types, each team can only deploy one vehicle of this type, and they need to use shovel or engineer hammer cost resources to resupply ammunition, just like the artillery built by engineers, although they look over power anyway, but the rules of the game will prevent you from abusing them. You need teamwork and communications.

M4 Sherman Calliope

I doesn’t create a 3rd person indirect aiming sights for M4 Sherman Calliope, since It’s also role of a tank that shoots with its main gun. But I still added a distance markers to his commander sight so you are able to anim your rocket is fired at a distance, the landed position of rockets will also be marked in the min map. At the same time, I reduced the shells equipped with his main gun to 6+6.

It will also be classified as vehicle-artillery type of vehicle, each team can only deploy one unit of vehicle-artillery.

M8 Scott

I also added a third person indirect aiming view for M8 Scott, now he can fire three shells, HE, HEAT and M89 White Phosphorus smoke rounds.

M89 shells already exist in the game, but there is no smoke and white phosphorus burning effect, I just simply completed these functions.

I have classified the M8 Scott as a vehicle-artillery, It also requiring engineers from teammates to help you to resupply ammunition.

Improvements with convertible vehicles

Also for all open-top vehicles, such as the M8 Scoot, M8 greyhound and M10 now have a near-third-person wide-area commander view to compensate for the defensive deficiencies of these vehicles, while embody the advantage of the vision benefits of their open tops. Also their commanders can properly hide in turrets to protect themselves with armor.

More reasonable rocket explosion damage

Increased the explosive damage of all infantry rocket weapons, most of them now have the same explosive range as in CRSED.

You can use these rockets to clear enemy infantry hide in fortifications and buildings.

Also I fixed the missing armor piercing burst damage ability of some of these rockets. The M9 Bazooka with M6A3 rocket now correctly destroys tanks more effectively.

Increased the weight of these bazookas as well as the volume size of the refill ammo to avoid players abusing them. (one box fill one time)

New building for Cuisine Royal Engineers, The Bofors AA Battery!

Engineer squads from the Tunisian Allied faction can now build a brand new type of structure. 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun positions!

This is a versatile weapon widely used by the Allies, and now you can build it in the right place to hit any enemy that comes from the air or tries to get close to you, the anti-aircraft gun has a 360-degree shooting range, and the pitch angle is from -6 degrees to 90 degrees.

Although you have powerful firepower, but the soldiers who control the weapons are very vulnerable, and you will spend a lot of time building this position! Prevent players from squander these weapons

The Bofors AA emplacement is unlocked by the Machine Gun Shelter technology of the 2nd Engineer Squad. You have to spend 2mins to build it and cost 20 building resource. And 10 resource to resupply ammo.

Now Enlisted has surpassed a game. It is even a training software to improve the player’s programming ability!

Thanks again to the development team for giving us a game with potential.

That’s all for this <Not Dev News#2>. Thanks for reading.

And here is the entites.blk include these contents can be given to the dev team as a reference and a test case for mod multiplayer

  • merged in to one file

entities.blk.txt (202.0 KB)

  • sparead loose files for read easily (43.1 KB)

path/to/yourmod/data (65.1 KB)

For anyone intersting to this, you can reply here in this thread by comments tell me what features you want to see and I’ll try to make them.


Can we get some simple artificial fortifications, such as a roofed shelter or something like that. Btw could you add a 120mm mortar built by engineers? That must be great.



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There aren’t enough 3D models to make these, though I would like to. The heavy mortar will be similar in role and build to the howitzer in the previous article " Not A Dev News #1"


The link for Yak-9K updated, it should work fine now~ (berlin)

You can only download one of them at the same time, two files cannot exist at the same time

I uploaded a new remote for Tunisia, now they can exist at the same time (tunisia)


Can you make 85mm anti-aircraft guns that can be fired? I think we can use its model to replace the automatic anti-aircraft gun of aircraft carrier


These require the development team to make 3D models.

And business solutions for how to add these content? OR they can provid a Premium 3d model package for players to finish the content?

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good but 110c6’ap might been fixed ,110c6 in this mod is much worser than official


Low EQ: Development team is too lazy to make the game better
High EQ: We have to marvel at the amazing work that the development team has brought us. Now Enlisted has surpassed a game. It is even a training software to improve the player’s programming ability!


It would be nice to add the indirect fire to short barrel stugs.

I must say I’m not a fun of bazooka etc. dealing more damage to the infantry. It’s a role of rifle grenades imo. I’m affraid of situations like in BF games where AT rocket launchers are used against infantry almost as often as grenades.

Splendid work.


High EQ:
Let players play their subjective initiative and participate in the game construction
Low EQ:
Let players pay money and time, and then let them improve and make games for free


Youre single handedly as effective as half of the developer team. Your ideas should be added since they would make the game way more interesting and enjoyable…


Good Shit,

Devs understand:
Players need more Explosivs. -add Bomberruns everywhere-

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Im not aganaist explosive is they are tactical, something currently they dont are