Normandy caps bugged?

When will all cap times be normalized? Just left a game because I’m watching caps be taken in NOT EXAGGERATING 3-7 seconds.

Even with friendly troops on the cap contesting near 50%.

Whoever it was on the team that had the bright idea of making cap times on a per-map basis had better have been terminated.

Edit to add that this was a German BR2 army so what was I even doing in Normandy?


I-III and III-V can both matchmake into Normandy (separately of course)


That’s normal

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Also mixed together.

This change was introduced in better place #55. So it’s in game for quite some time already.

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Normandy and Bulge are near impossible to win as BR2 Germany, allies have massive reinforcements and capture time advantage.
Normandy reinforcements were designed for explosive spam, powerful tanks and automatic weapons but without those it’s very unfair as the defenders

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Shouldn’t be

Yes yes, we know. We ALL want equalized captures and enforcements. I’m tired of steamrolls on my favorite maps