No bayonet Charge Taunts

@ParaDivision requested it, if somebody want to download it, heres link

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its a 1,3 gb file, that looks very strange for simple charge removal. all other mods ive seen so far were ca. 50 mb

because you don’t change sounds.

you replace the entire banks / folder containing said noises.

otherwise, you’d end up with just empty sound such as death noises and other that happens to be inside the same folder of where those charges sounds are located.


i thought about that, but another sound mod i tested that changed gun sounds only was 65 mb

gun noises are smaller, because the bank folders and weapons themselves are in subcategories of weapons.

like, rifles, at, smgs, mgs etc. so, those are smaller

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ok, so you say 1,2 gb is fine for a small change like just removing the charging screams? alright, ill install it and try it out today :thinking:

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NICE i tried it out and its great, no annoying screaming anymore.

I dont use compression, so that the rest of the voices retain the highest quality

Thats why itsn1gb



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Might I ask what was changed?
Were there any changes to VO files in bipod update?

more melee charges removed, some bayonet sounds was on from the soldiers in third person in the past version

and the use of the most recent bank, Even if nothing changes, it is better to use the most current file

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thanks, question: recently sound mods stopped working for me, even after reinstalling. did anyone else also get then issues? may have to do with the enlisted update, or my sound driver updates.

Probably you need check enlisted blk

I downloaded the files and pasted them in the sound folder. However when starting the game it just replaces these files with the originals and I cannot remove the stupid charge sounds…

You re installing it on wrong way

You need create a folder calles mod and add the command on enlisted blk file

If you want, check my guide for install sound mods

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Thank you! I am done for today, but I will update tomorrow.

Just played a game with the mod. It’s great! I’m peaceful now xD x2