[Night Version] “Battle For The Reichstag” release! [Custom Hangar]

Hello comrades!

Some days ago, i released my newest fully custom hangar mod called “Battle For The Reichstag”. It was liked a lot and people told me that they really do like the Night Version the most out of all of the hangars.

So, my friends, i created two more special night versions of the Reichstag Hangar mod.

The first variant features the beautiful night and it´s intense battle atmosphere. Planes, Bombers and the King Tiger! Link:


The other one is a more quiet night variant, with less action, but nice nightly atmosphere, for those who like to relax between the battles. (more fps!) Link:


Feel free to tell me what you think my friends :wink:
Enjoy the night atmosphere!

Link to the original “Battle For The Reichstag” mod:



( For those who asked me to tell them, when i would release the night version: @Comunistinha @YuriPetrov @9854718 @Myrm1don @ParaDivision @SexyTent @jencfuo7yn @115830950 )


scenically speaking

it would have been better to put the soldiers’ menu with the front of the Reichstaig looking behind them instead of showing it sideways, or to put the soldiers in Hitler’s office with the desk (garden) behind them with the sounds of battle in the background

the tank garage should have been the underbridge near the chancellery, and the aircraft garage the park


as someone also said, i recommend using footage of the flooded park garage and hitlers office, since these are some really unique and cool berlin areas.


Good job


As always, his work is excellent.


I chose the „Kroll Opera“ map for the mod, the areas you mentioned are located on the regular „battle of berlin“ map. Of course there are other cool areas too, but i really like the areas i chose, and others can and already have created other berlin hangars.

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