New VR-Injector Mode Enlisted

I propose a new experimental mode to test the game in VR, without requiring any special implementation, beyond a universal Mod for UE4.

This allows full VR viewing, as an experimental experience to try out the game in first person.

More info in:



The game already has VR stuff. (No its not a remnant from War Thunder). I couldn’t make it work though:

Even if it would work, i’m highly doubt you could interact with weapons (or anything) at all

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You can also try vorpx

That’s what the mod I’m testing is about, it explicitly allows you to remap the input controls, so you can assign any action to the VR controller, you can also get 6DOF.

It does the work that the developer doesn’t want or isn’t interested in doing, so in some cases it outperforms the native implementation. This is possible thanks to certain capabilities of the engine and openXR, since WarThunder VR is based on OpenVR, which is an obsolete and discontinued standard.

Do you think they are going to add VR support, for the spectator mode of Enlisted?

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Why would they? They should add vr mode to regular enlisted though (I don’t care how much in a disadvantage i would be, loading kar98k in VR is something else)

Also where did you get the injector? Afaik it has not been released yet. Maybe could you give me a link?

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Flat2VR (@Flat2VR) / Twitter

VR in Enlisted must be really fun, especially flying planes.

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Are the above commands part of the VR support for viewer mode?

I know nothing about VR or Enlisted with VR, sorry.

The previously published samples show that if it is supported, it has not been implemented yet? In the future real-time spectator mode it would be very nice functionality.

Yes New Experimental Experience

Those of us with virtual reality devices could use an immersive VR mode, even if it is 3DOF, to visualize the game in stereo and with greater field of vision and quality.

3D DOF movement?

they should make the game support 3D audio headphones then you can hear bullets flying past your ears if they add that in with a VR mode

The game already support surround if you have the right headphones