New update is coming in 3 hours

Just got a 7.3 GB update so it’s definitely dropping alongside the new battlepass.

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Nice I can’t set up my laptop rn so I guess I will finish updating just in time

Interesting, I only got 1.2 GB.

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Have you downloaded test server? Since then you need to download way less once update is released to live server.

yes, but its a separate install.

Very good! I wait impatiently for it! Hopefully I’ll get a lot of the grinding done before the other kids jump on. And then it gets sweatier.

Test server acts like a pre-load - game first copies files to main client from there.

Internet 1 Mbps
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I think it doesn’t matter to some extent. Because I’ve experienced the same thing with all past updates.

I guess the clients can copy/share files/data between each other or something.

3.25GB update for steam client just went live

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7.3 GB on Xbox but I suppose it’s different on every platform.

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