New map suggestion (Battle for Arnhem)

This would be a great map to do DF. It’s obvious your map design department has skills. Bring this iconic location to life! Also you could branch out west for other maps for the battle and not just the city like Osterbeek city and surrounding area where most of the 1st AB division was tied down.


You mean: generic ww2 bridge map? :upside_down_face:


Sry, I had to.


made me chuckle :smiley:

Would have loved more campaigns in the old…campaign…system. But with the generic shooter we have now it will indeed just be a “generic ww2 bridge map”.

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Maybe they can ask old Reto map “designer” to join their ranks. They always made sure to make river- and bridge-battles fun and balanced.

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lol, and now I have “rock everywhere” PTSD from those horrible decisions in H&G.


An introduction of possible Polish faction, hell yeahhh