New better aim assist

I know it’s only a problem for console players, but I’d like to see it someday the replece the aiming assist with the one we know from newer games,in short, when we aim and we enter in the soldier’s area , the aiming sensitivity decreases, in my opinion this is a better solution which helps in precision than these snaping to the target


Sounds reasonable.

I assume there is no aim assist in this game, many time when I deal with console player I can’t distinguish them from the bot

Absolutely not. I average about 70 kills per game and I’m on PS4. I only suffer against the best PC players. We must always try to improve ourselves.


Same here I get on average 90+ kills

Only thing I tend to have trouble with are lean spamming filth

What’s wrong with leaning? That’s literally how a real person would move from behind cover.