Naval warfare

I am finishing a naval mod who put the emphasis of using boat and amphibious for the main type of transportation to capture multiples objectives. The 2 sides who are fighting are the federation of Japan vs the American. Their goal, take the control of an illegal trafic that came under the radars of both nation.

So enjoy this preview to have a idea of the final product.

And, I final thing is I can remerciate enough the help of the fellows modders : PrivateRyan44 and Gamer_Victorch for helping me to finish this great mod


You probably still use aircraft in respawnbaseType?
If yes then try to use aircraft_assault and another one spawn with aircraft_fighter.

Because the plane spawn on water but the select screen refuse to allow me to spawn with the plane

Well… It works only for “naval” aircraft.

You still need edit respawnbaseType property, because it by default set to aircraft.

IIRC it can be only air and water. On your case better to not touch it.

Just edit respawnbaseType. Game have only two plane types: aircraft_fighter and aircraft_assault. IIRC we have both aircraft types that can float. So you need use two respawn points for each teams.

So wich respawn I should use because you confuse me.

You still can use respAircraftOnWater, but if you want spawn with your naval aircraft then you need edit respawnbaseType property. Set it to aircraft_fighter.

After that copy respawn point (you can do this by holding down the Shift button and moving the object) and again edit respawnbaseType. Set it to aircraft_assault. After that in game you should be able spawn with your naval plane if you select squad with it.

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Thank and the trick with shift it should be in the Keyborad help in the editor because this feature would have save me about 1 week of work with using that.


You mean those E13A1 stuff in pacific?