Nascar game mode

Is possible? to have the 3-2-1 and you spawn in a car(jeep) in a circuit? Cap point can work as finish line?



yes, theoretically, race mods are possible to do.

and there are ( very ) few on the portal.

unfortunately, i dont know how they did it.

i presume its an invasion / confrontation with short capzones.

and upon the scores of capzones, each side scorebleeds the opposite team.

Now that we have APC we could have something like this

Could be fun honestly :joy:


It domination

And I create a bêta of a race map if you want to test it

I’m on console, i can?

Can you access custom battles? If yes surely you could play my mod.

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Is possible to add the Apc with no countdown after use and put some spawn around the map that can be accessible only after reach it?
2 point need fix but i think u already noticed,

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The APC will be in another version so just wait. But comment on the mod page will be appreciated to have feed back.

But comment on the mod page

?? Where it is?

When you are on the page of official enlisted go to community, after mods and then comment on my mod.

That the page

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I need to play 10 battle before :face_exhaling:
I will in the incoming days

If you have like the first mod you can check the deluxe edition of the mod with more vehicules.

i love this thread already