Nagat rifle with flame thrower


now this is perfection

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It would be better if it was an automatic rifle

too strong even for br5 and automatic withe a flame thrower would have to be br6 or br7

Just… how?

But nice.

Note: there’s a bayonet. You can have genuine shish kebab or roasted pork with that tool.

The pump (or how is called) is fixed under the rifle stock

This reminds me pf KP-31 flamethrower where you could both fire and use flamethrower at the same time



I don’t think these would be a regular Flame trooper weapon.

Do you think this should be a gold order, event weapon, or should it be a special premium/event squad of unique flame troopers

We had premium flamethrower with 3 of the 6 guys having access to flamethrowers it was Tunisia flamethrowers and we had one event flamethrower (Tunisia Paratroopers for Axis) where all 6 would carry a very heavily hammered flamethrower so both would be find and if they decided to go for gold order route there would be problem since game follows themes every season that would mean you have to find something like these for both western allies and Japan which im 99.9999999 percent sure that’s undoable so my best bet is either they gonna be an event squad focusing on AXIS and Soviets or Premium squad bundle

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kinda meh… it lacks rocket launcher…