Mods/memory limyt

When I try to download the mod I get this message:

I checked all my folders that might be related to mods or memory and didn’t find any overload. What could be the reason?


Which mod is this? How much RAM do you have?


How much does your mod weigh? Would be nice if you upload draft and sent link to here or/and give mod folder to me in private messages. I’ll look on it and sent it to devs if will able reproduce problem.

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as far as i know, and confirmed by @Devenddar

the custom games fails to load mods with more than 16k entities.

and in terms of files, i had cases where mods above the 3/4mbs ( despite being uploadable in the portal )
will not load when attempting to play them in custom games.

it appears a different issue.

then i suggest you to file a bug report about that matter. or try to clean some mods from the gamemode folders ( the ones you download ) to see if it’s that or what.


The problem is not with my mod. I can’t download any mod from sandbox at all.
There is only one file in my mods folder.

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Probably it was Bazsi37. I’ll check limits soon.

It seems true. Looks like high chances that mod will not let you join :confused:

Huh. It’s weird. Well… There probably we can’t help you. I recommend to go in CBR and upload logs + screenshot when you tried to download mods.

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If possible, please pass it on to the developers, because the response time in CBR needs to be better.

I’ll anyways will sent info about your problem.

I found similar post, but in CBR. Author closed it. So maybe you will able translate it and found solution for your problem? Or ask author about how he solve it?
Mods/memoryLimit // CBR

Well… 16k rendinsts 100% works in multiplayer + idk how much entities from other objects.

(I carefully removed all moscow windows and doors entities).

It’s your old version of winter map with 4mb and it seems fine work in multiplayer. But probably it’s very old.
Normandy (7mb) and Pacific (3mb) maps don’t work :frowning:
Just doesn’t let me join.

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Yes, for my part I have already sent a report.



what kind of mods don’t use windows or doors?

certainly not mines my friend.


that one that you have doesn’t have soldiers on it. right?

that could be why.

putting soldiers for some reasons kills fps and takes a good chunk of size ( cuz of weapons and clothings )

still have to see if i can make them through entities.

but i’m working on reworking and remaking the maps that i lost

yep. not even those works.

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Just wanted check real entities count)

Not very really. Probably because of some properties or entities. Because looking on pacific… It contains similar ai soldiers and less entities (x2 less rendinsts). So probably just some properties or entities cause conflicts in multiplayer.

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just one of those ““lovely”” moments where stuff doesn’t work accordingly and you just can’t figure out why.

kinda one of those warm feelings we get normalized with when using the editor sometimes :joy:

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the custom games fails to load mods with more than 16k entities

There is no such limit. At least not anymore

and in terms of files, i had cases where mods above the 3/4mbs

This is not the case anymore. The new limit is around 60mbs which noone will ever reach.

you guys were discussing about that just the other day.

and adding a tags even allowed to view more.

i believe the editor and the customs games aren’t that directly different.

which it’s what devenddar implied.

the game wouldn’t open what the editor can’t.

except… that is definitely still the case, and still can’t play certain mods above certain size otherwise it will be outright unplayable in custom games.

i had to cut and steamline my mods because those simply won’t work in customs.