Mods memory limit?

I cannot download or play mods due to this message. I deleted all of my downloaded mods but it still doesnt work. How can i fix this?


Apparently the file was not stored in the user’s enlisted userGameMods, but rather the downloaded mods were stored in the user/AppData/Local/enlisted Mods.
That’s why userGameMods is empty even though it says the download amount is full.
The first time I made a mistake, I downloaded it from the launcher instead of from DMM, and even though I deleted it, some files remained.
It seems that mods have been accumulated in the unlisted section of the English version, and the limit has been reached before you can see it.

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I came across this, if anything I mean folders in the computer and not in the game.

i am not using japanese DMM

is there an way to solve this?

me too, but it helped

find it in your computer search engine-“user/AppData/Local/enlisted Mods” and delete, in other words, the entire cache.

i searched it but nothing appeared

in what folder is it located?

in the folder user- AppData-Local-enlisted- the folder user should be in your disk.

i cant find it. I only see userPrefabs and userGameMods

you found the folders in the game itself. You must find the user folder in the system disk - AppData in it. (You definitely have it, if you don’t see it, you will need to read on the Internet how to make this folder visible). This is an inconvenient process, but I haven’t found any other way.

Damn… i am really bad with computer stuff so it might take a while for me to play any mods again

This is an example on windows10 but the principle should be the same on other versions. And if you decide to try it, be careful with this folder because it contains many other elements that are important for work. I have already sent a bug report to the developers, I hope they will fix it.

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Copy and paste this file path into your File Explorer, replace (Username) with your username, then you must delete everything in the httpCache folder. After that, restart Enlisted and you should be all set.


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I don’t know why the post gets rid of it, but there should be a slash between “User” and “(Username)” in the file path.

I have already gotten the problem fixed but thanks anyways!

In windows you can use %userprofile% to replace C:\Users\<username> so the path becomes %userprofile%\AppData\Local\enlisted\downloads\mods\httpCache
Additionally, %appdata%\Local instantly gets you to local appdata. So consider using this way to share paths.

Regarding to the missing backslash, \ is commonly used in programming languages and Hyper Text Markup Language (i.e. html) as an escape character, which tells the program interpreter to display certain special characters as text or to express certain special characters. For example if you want to tell people <br> skips a line you would add the backslash at the front like i have done. Else html just reads it and does the line break
You can see it in the preview on the right when you reply

Another one here is \n (which is line breaker in python and many other programming languages) which has no effect in html though. But if you want your mod description to skip 2 lines in the game description menu, 2 Enter presses will mess it up and it will just nullify your Enters. To do that you use \n (which does show in the sandbox webpage but its the magic if you want to do like 10 line breaks for whatever reason. Or you want to show players important things in game description but it is less important on web page.)

Mine here is what it looks like in web page but in game it actually does break the lines. This helps attract viewers to the lines below these cramped stuff but does the opposite while in game.

thank you. I had the same problem but i fixed it thanks to u. U saved my life lol

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Err what problem did you encounter, may I ask?