Mods local game team change

i create this post because i not say how to change my start team when i start a game with mods in local

the way the game picks a team when playing local, is based on how you setted it.

if you want players playing in local to be on a specific team, make sure the team you want always has the team_id node to 1 and the opposition to 2 ( or 3-4 ).

for example, if you have americans on team_id 1 vs germans on team_id 2,

the game upon lunching in local, as previously said, will always select team 1. hence, in the example, americans.

Where i can change the id please?

type team over the “tab” panel:

double click the team you want to be the first one:

make sure there’s a dot next to the name

and a panel should open. if it doesn’t like in my screenshot, press P

then, type " team " over the right:

change the team__id number to one:

do the same for the enemy team, and change it to 2.

then save.

it will change the team.

don’t forget to change team’s numbers over objectives if you setted up defenders or attackers.
because you switched teams by doing this. and might change completely your mod.

thanks for your answer but i not say to change my team in a local game with mods in a custom party


usually, when people use Game Mods it’s for modifications / editor mods.

then i have no idea what you are asking.

if you could elaborate a bit better i may be able to help you.

my question would be how do you change teams in a custom game in war thunder when you launch a local game with a mod such as allies showcase V.20.1?