[MOD RELEASE] Heroes and Generals main menu music

There are 3 music files that play in the Enlisted menu. I replaced 2 of them with the main Heroes and Generals theme, and the Heroes and Generals German theme. The default Enlisted menu theme can still play because I still like it. This mod was created for personal use but I decided to share it.

Click here to download

Installation process: Drag ww2_enlist_ambient_music.assets.bank to your “mod” folder. If you are confused, please refer to Bigote’s tutorial.

Jesper Kyd

Song previews:

Rest in peace Heroes and Generals. You and your community meant the world to me.


You nostalgia inducing ruffian!!!

I miss that wacky mess, but fun mess…


those are bangers compared to the same theme that we have in 3 different versions.

great mod :saluting_face:



I miss that game sometimes.

hello sir ,can make mg 34 and mg 42 sound mod from heroes and generals, because i still miss this game

im pretty sure @Jayko_Andrew said something about doing a heroes and generals soundpack

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thnak for reply sir