Missing voicelines in It, UK and Fr voices for ammo crate airdrops

enl_vo_it.assets.bank’ &
enl_vo_fr.assets.bank’ are all missing files
vo_enemy_enlisted_soldier01_artillery_supply_accept_03’ for responses to ammo crate drop.

enl_vo_gb.assets.txt (and 2 other for Fr and It) are also missing lines
vo_enemy_enlisted_soldier01_artillery_supply_accept_01-03’ in them.

While french lines are not likely to be used for a long time, there are British legacy Radio operators and Italian legacy premium Radio Operator squad. Calling ammo airdrop with British or Italian soldier in mixed squads also results in silence.

Also exchange of ‘We need artillery support!’ - ‘Roger that, sending ammo crate’ sounds kinda weird.


You should post it in the update test thread

This is a good feedback for the update

once there were also voice lines for changing ammunition inside the tank I don’t know why they haven’t fixed it anymore it seems like an intentional thing I remember that when the tank driver pressed r I said load high potential ammunition too bad don’t say it anymore