Merge should have unlocked the tech tree up to where you were

The merge has created a situation where many players have higher tier equipment unlocked but are missing several previous ones due to not playing every campaign. The fact that you cannot progress until you spend what will most likely be weeks in some cases unlocking older, worse weapons is terrible for anyone who didn’t whale every campaign. I suggest that everyone should automatically unlock everything in the tech tree up to their highest levelled item in each branch. I’m currently at a point where there is not a single thing I can research in any army (aside from japan which I don’t play) that I wouldn’t first need to research 2-4 other lower tier weapons to actually get. This kills my motivation for progression hard as it would be such a slog to go back through them all when I wouldn’t even use them when I unlock them.


I’m surprised, I thought the merge would mean that they would take all our progress and then give us a free hand on what we want to spend these points in the tech tree. To give us back all the time we spent grinding for things we didn’t want (i.e we were forced to) before the merge.

because this way, mixing things from before and after the merge, it’s one big mess, people with -1 perks, upgrades for the same weapon have different stars, some squads can have a medic, others can’t, it’s just wrong.

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Getting everything would be a little extreme, some people would escape a lot of grind.
Just let us research and buy guns without having to unlock everything before the said gear.


Reason why you paid for you alreadly have is because they are giving you a new squad, make your queue much more messey

Fair enough yeah. Anything is better than having to unlock a bunch of old stuff just to actually be able to advance. My thinking was just that unlocking all the old stuff would bring everyone in line with how the tech tree is intended to work, where as just removing the requirement of having everything leaves all pre merge players in a weird position that shouldn’t even be possible with the tech tree system.

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The tech tree absolutely screwed me as a player who’s only played Normandy, The Pacific and Berlin. There’s a huge amount of bloat added and I’m way further behind than I should be even though I’m able to research tier 4-5 gear. It just let me research the M4A1 76mm and it’s all I wanted for a year just for it to tell me I had to complete something previous before I could unlock it. I was having a decent time with the merge but I think I quit. This has thrown over a year of work down the drain for every single faction and I’m extremely upset and feel burned over this. I read many posts and videos saying we could research from any item we already owned post merge and I feel I’ve been lied to, and even if I weren’t this is just unacceptable to me.


I completely agree with this and I’m frustrated for the exact same reason. How is this fair?? Someone please share the dev’s justification for this. I grinded forever to unlock the firefly, only to be told I need to unlock 5 prior shitty tanks just to use it.