⭐ Meet the Armored Train update!

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We’re wrapping up this year with a major update in Enlisted and in the spirit of the upcoming holiday season. Engineers can now raise a New Year Tree and radio operators can call in holiday artillery fireworks.

Meet the new unique mode “Armored train escort” - you will be able to try it in the “Battle of Berlin” campaign. Even if you play on previous-generation consoles - because in this update the campaign is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

More missions have been added to other Enlisted campaigns. And in the new campaign levels you will be welcomed by 12 squads and 18 models of weapons and vehicles.

Plus, the upgraded Battle Pass also deserves your attention.

Above all, you’re once again invited to check out the entire list of new features in the major update. Put bayonets on weapons, take cover in dynamic bomb craters, ride on armored vehicles, give orders to improved AI soldiers, and enjoy the dozens of other cool upgrades we’ve prepared just for you.


By the way, in case you missed it, you’ll find the new Enlisted Custom Games in the modes section. You’ll be able to create your own battles there with your own rules. Lone Fighter mode has also moved to Custom Games. Also, Enlisted now has full cross-platform, so you can play with friends from different platforms in the same battle.


The next Battle Pass season

The fourth season of Battle Pass begins, with new weekly Battle tasks that will earn you extra Battle Pass progress points. Read more in this devblog.

New season rewards:

  • Universal banners (posters).
  • 8 unique soldiers (one for each army in the game), purchased for Battle Pass gold orders.
  • 5 unique models of weapons (one for each army in the game, and some models, as before, can be used by several armies at once), purchasable for the Battle Pass gold orders: The Hyde Model 35, ERMA EMP 44, 1929 model PPD, VMP 1926, BSA Model 1929 Thompson.
  • 8 vehicles with historical camouflages from among the vehicles already present in the game:
    • T-60 “Red Army”, Moscow
    • Pz.IV E “Gespensterdivision”, Moscow
    • A-20G-25 “La France Libre”, Normandy
    • Bf 110 G-2 “Herget”, Normandy
    • Yak-3 “12” Saveliy Nosov, Berlin
    • Me 410 B-1 “Aufklärungsgruppe”, Berlin
    • Grant MK I “Atlanta II”, Tunisia
    • Pz.III J “Strolch II”, Tunisia

Weaponry and equipment

  • Added bayonets for Moscow and Normandy Campaign weapons. A bayonet slot will become available for regular weapons received earlier. Bayonets themselves can be received by taking part in special game activities. For weapons received after the release of the update bayonets will be included. For the existing premium weapons owned by the players, such as: M/28 rifle, Arisaka carbine, Gewehr 41 rifle, AKT-40 rifle, trench Kar98k, Mosin infantry rifle - bayonets will be automatically added within a few days.
  • New weapons: Panzerfaust 100, M1 Garand with M7 Grenade Launcher, Kar98k with GGP/40 Grenade Launcher, Lee-Enfield No.4 MkI (T), Carcano M91 Sniper, MG-13 with Patronentrommel.
  • New weapons for premium squads: Berthier M16 carbine, San Marco dagger and Moroccan dagger, Dolganov PP (PPD 1944), Gerat 03, Moschetto M91.
  • Semi-automatic rifles under intermediate or handgun ammo are set to 320 rounds per minute for: VSTG 1-5, M1 Carbine, M1903 Springfield (Pedersen device).
  • Firing sounds now better match real shot counts for all tank machine guns, as well as for the following weapons: DP 27, DPM, AVS 36, FG 42, MG 42, M2.
  • Models of small and large axis bags in the Tunisian campaign have been replaced by Italian ones.
  • The MAS 36 rifle received a working fixed bayonet.

Locations and Missions

Changes in the Battle of Berlin campaign missions:

  • Added a new Seelow Heights (Train escort) mission.
  • Added a new Lehrter Bahnhof (Destruction) mission.
  • Added a new Lehrter Bahnhof (Invasion) mission.
  • Added extra shelters in Lehrter Bahnhof missions.
  • Added a new Moat West (Invasion) mission.

Changes in the Battle for Moscow campaign missions:

  • Added a new Birch Grove (Invasion) mission.
  • Added extra shelters in «Birch Grove» missions.
  • Added a new Pokrovskoe City (Destruction) mission.
  • Added extra shelters in Pokrovskoe City missions.

Changes in the Invasion of Normandy campaign missions:

  • Added a new Gare de Saint-Lo (Invasion) mission.
  • Added a new Omer (Destruction) mission.

Changes in the Battle of Tunisia campaign missions:

  • Added a new Oasis (Destruction) mission.
  • Corrected the placement of the respawn points and battle zones in Al Jabal Farm North (Invasion) mission.


New Year’ Eve temporary new options for radio operators (to call in the holiday fireworks) and for engineers (to build a Christmas tree).

  • Added funnels formed by aerial bombs.
  • Added parachute mechanics. If a pilot is equipped with a parachute, when jumping out of a plane he will be able to use it to land and continue fighting.
  • Anti-tank guns are now able to hit multiple soldiers through and through.
  • There is now an option to cover a grenade with your body to reduce its damage and impact radius of your comrades when it explodes.
  • Smoke grenades can now also be thrown away.
  • Bayonet damage increased - now a bayonet strike kills the enemy on the first attempt.
  • Radio operators of all campaigns got access to artillery with smoke ammunition (can be opened in the squad improvements).
  • Improved character interaction physics with vehicles, now you can move while sitting on the tank hull.
  • Improved aim punch due to hits on a character. Now when bullets of similar caliber hit, the following punches will be weaker than the first one.
  • Reduced delay of artillery call at the beginning of the battle because now the countdown is not from the moment of creating the session, but from the appearance of the first player in the battle.
  • Fixed the ability to transfer MP-40 and MP-28 to a campaign where the correct squads have not yet been opened.
  • Fixed that it was impossible to improve premium pilots in the Normandy Campaign.
  • Added a training mission for engineering squads to introduce players to the basic mechanics of this class.
  • Infantry training mission has been added to teach squad control and how to use first aid kits.
  • Improved feedback during training, and fixed a number of hint bugs.
  • Added transition to freefall state when a soldier falls from a great height.


  • Added two behavior patterns for AI-soldiers: passive and aggressive with switching between them via the scroll menu. Read more in this article.
  • Increased leader’s distance from AI-soldiers, at which they remain in cover.
  • Reduced the number of movements of AI-soldiers during position defense; they will also try to cross the player’s line of sight more rarely.
  • The speed of the AI-soldier’s turn towards the detected danger and the speed of targeting were reduced to better match the capabilities of the real player.

Interface and graphics

  • Added the ability to inspect armor (“Armor”) and internal modules (“X-Ray”) for tanks.
  • Fixed the position of bayonet knives on weapons in the menu.
  • Slightly changed the color of marks on enemies to improve their clarity.
  • Improved the strategic objects look in “Destruction” mode.
  • The vehicle description window now displays the maximum ammo per weapon type as a whole.
  • Increased the size of the icon (marker) in the “Training”.
  • Map window in the battle will now display the tasks of the ongoing events.
  • The screen of purchasing equipment for gold orders now shows a list of squads that can use it.
  • In the personal results of the debriefing table added a display of the number of infantry and vehicles destroyed by mines.
  • Added a short description of the item for the “Purchase” button in the premium reward window.
  • In the window for selecting new skills added recommendations skills.
  • Received for the participation in the events and premium weapons/equipment are now shown the proper icons by analogy with the premium soldiers.
  • Significant performance optimization in Battle of Berlin campaign locations.
  • Optimized performance of Battle for Moscow campaign locations.
  • Fixed blinking of distant shadows on the surface of the landscape.
  • Fixed a bug with disappearing objects when Temporal Super Resolution is enabled.
  • Improved reflections on water.

New squads and vehicles

The Invasion of Normandy

  • 4th Infantry division 12th Infantry Regiment | 33 level (Troopers III)

  • P-51D-5 | 34 level (Fighter)

  • Premium tank Churchill III

  • 243rd Infantry division 922nd Grenadier Regiment | 33 level (Troopers III)

  • Me.410 A1/U2 | 34 level (Assaulter)

  • Premium SPG StuG III G

The Battle for Moscow

  • 251st Infantry Division, 927th Infantry Regiment | 33 level (Flametroopers II)

  • T-28E (126th Tank Brigade 126th Tank Regiment) | 34 level (Tankers III)

  • Premium squads: 2nd Guards Infantry Corps 75th Marine Infantry Brigade | (Gunner)

  • 251st Infantry Division 459th Infantry Regiment | 33 level (Flametroopers II)

  • Pz.IV F1 (19th Panzer Division 27th Panzer Regiment) | 34 level (Tankers III)

  • 183rd Infantry Division 343rd Infantry Regiment | (Gunner)

The Battle of Tunisia

  • 78th Infantry Division 17th Field Regiment | 27 level (Snipers III)

  • Crusader III | 28 level (tank)

  • 3rd Infantry Division 30th infantry Regiment | 29 уровень (Gunners II)

  • Premium Hurricane Mk. IV | +100% Experience Bonus

  • Premium squad with unique edged weapons: 1st Moroccan March Division 1st Group of Moroccan Auxiliaries | +100% Experience Bonus! (Troopers)

  • 80th Infantry Division 125th Infantry Regiment | 27 level (Snipers III)

  • Pz.III J | 28 уровень (tank)

  • 90th Light Africa Division 200th Light Infantry Regiment | 29 level (Gunners II)

  • Premium Bf 110 C-6 | +100% Experience Bonus

  • Premium squad with unique edged weapons: 1st San Marco Regiment 3rd Battalion “Tobruk” | +100% Experience Bonus! (Troopers)

The Battle of Berlin

  • Tiger E | 31 level (tank)

  • Premium squads: 287th Infantry Division 870th Infantry Regiment | +100% experience bonus! (Assaulters)

  • IS-1 | 31 level (tank)

  • Premium squads: 18th Panzergrenadier Division 51st Grenadier Regiment | +100% experience bonus! (Troopers)

PlayStation and Xbox

  • Added a filter in the game’s settings to display players of the same platform in the leaderboards for PlayStation and Xbox.


  • Fixed a bug with the camera position after death behind a stationary machine gun.
  • Fixed a bug that made the engineer’s construction turn arrow not disappear after his death.
  • Fixed the blinking light of the outline of the enemy who killed you.
  • Fixed a bug that caused grenade kills not to appear in the personal results of the mission completion window.
  • Fixed a few bugs that could cause loss of server connection.
  • Improved algorithm for determining the shortest route to the game server (to reduce server connection delays).
  • Fixed that it was impossible to destroy a built turret if it contained the body of a killed soldier.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to destroy a vehicle in Tank training.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed destroying an allied rally point with a knife.
  • Fixed the movement of the soldier on bumpy terrain. Now the soldier will not drift sideways when running forward on rough terrain.
  • Fixed a bug which caused smoke grenades to fall underground.
  • Fixed a bug in the Spectator mode of the remaining players in combat when reconnecting to the game.
  • Fixed a bug where players could appear behind the battle zone in the Le Bre mission of Invasion of Normandy.
  • Fixed a bug where tanks could appear inside buildings in Invasion of Normandy’s Ver-sur-Mer mission.
  • Fixed a bug where tanks could appear inside buildings in the Fortified district mission of the Battle for Moscow campaign.
  • Fixed a default control device selection error when the game steering wheel is connected to the computer.
  • Improved ground vehicles damage model - changes affected some armor elements that were missing or rotated at wrong angle in the armor model.

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