Matchmaking speed after update++?

Hello! Before the recent update I usually found a BR V match in less than 1 minute but now the matchmaking progress is taking 1 minute and 3 seconds, even up to 2 minutes. Is this caused because no suitable matches are being found in a timely manner or something else? Is anyone else suffering from higher wait times?

It depends on what faction you’re playing and on what server and what time of the day


br is out of sync br3 v 5 their all clanned up gen lvl v sgts its a pointless game waste of time jas two games were facing br 5 players
and they killing entire sqauds in the spawn area so much for protecting and u wonder why players leave ask pine who simply stayed in hge rey zoen spawn killing and unless u can make anew one ya men are all wiped out the game lasted 8 mins so what are u gonna do about it fuck all

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There are a number of people around here who suffer from this same disease. Lol

After the newest update I get matches faster but often have connection issues. I get the “Connection disrupted” message and my player is just warping around and Im unable to do anything. It happened 3-4m straight yesterday and eventually I got kicked by Anticheat for lost connection.

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