Massive graphical improvements!

nice then :slight_smile:

I hope I don’t need to lower my graphics again
My 3070 could no longer handle ultra preset since last 2 update

Not to mention even if they release these changes, they will trigger more bugs in the process. Like the recent event, any new update in the middle of an event will 100% screw up the event progress tracking, and force them to release a hotfix to patch things up.


Agree, they should definitely stop releasing updates mid events.


If the empty windows are no longer blackholes than its an improvement.

Any hints? New maps perhaps?


If there are new maps, then i dont need to stay in the mods editor any longer

If you are using a 1080p monitor, this should be fine, unless you bought a monitor which costs more than your GPU

Who knows, who knows


Maybe announce a new event format? Or further optimizations updates? UI improvements?

Ok, if you really managed to achieve such a graphic upgrade without taking a toll on performance, that’s gorgeous AF.

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Okay I hope one patch is about issues fixing of custom lobby issues


I like the change to dark places, I had a hard time seeing is some, hope this fixes it.
And the fix for light leaks is nice too. Great work.

will this make the game also look more realistic in terms of less comic style brightness/colors?

Well, all i can say that game would be look a lot better with this features с:


yeah and it would feel a lot worse if its too dark to see enemies inside buildings, i already have to play at 100% gamma

I want new maps so i can get new stuff to play with in editor

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same here but i would go play the official version first to get their perspective of how the map is portraited

ok, that sounds convincing.

Less bloom more gloom. It’s WW2 after all.

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