Maps from different stages of war

Lot of places saw multiple battles throught ww2

Those maps can be reused for different br maps

Devs roughly divided war as 39-41, 42-43, 44-45

  1. Western allies- europe axis

Early war: crete, sidi barani, benghazi, tobruk , aras , calais , zeeland, any map from belgium and luxembourg, narvik,

Mid war: current tunisia maps are already mid war, they can sicily and southern italy maps (salerno,anzio)

Honorary mention: battles at monte cassino and gothic line (Battle of Garfagnana) would be so good to play

  1. western allies- japan:

Early war : hong kong, singapore, phlippines,

Mid war: current map are already from mid stage of war

Late war: philippines, iwo jima, burma, peleliu,

Honorary mention: if they add china, japan-china front can have all tiers of wars

  1. europe axis-ussr:

Early war : any map pre moscow will do. Leningrad, dubno8biggest tank battle in history), 1st kiev, 1st smolensk, 1st minsk , riga etc…

Mid war: stalingrad is already a mmid war battle but devs cans add kharkov, 2nd kiev, Leningrad, rzhev, 2nd rostov etc…

Honorary mention for late satge eastern front: budapest, iashi kishinev,bagration, kurland pocket, any map from Poland, vienna

Edit: : ussr-japan maps from manchuria is needed to dilute japan-ussr mains. Westerna allies and germans strecth thin

REUSABLE MAPS: most of the maps from barbarossa also can be used as mid and/or late war maps

I really like to see at least a map from Leningrad. Devs can use it for all tiers. Siege started in 1941 and ended in early 1944

Benghazi, sidi barani, tobruk also saw fighting in 1942 so they also can be used as mid war and also as early war

Dunkirk, Calais,zeeland, all belgium and luxembourg can be used for both early war and late war. All those places (or places so close to them) saw fighting in 1940 then 1944