This is the only shelter you can find in a world full of zombies. Fortunately, it’s a huge arsenal inside.

Hold on as long as you can, maybe help will come.





In this mode you can build structures, but sword-wielding zombies can climb over them
and remember, if you build barricades everywhere, zombies will get bugged

Zombies can climb almost anywhere. Prepare well before they eat you.

I did not want to restrict the players in any way.
In this mod, you can move around freely, climb wherever you want and build structures.
Please write your requests, opinions and suggestions about this mod, I will try to read them all.

link of this mod: https://sandbox.enlisted.net/post/AcTE2XZw6d9eFU0G/

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3.2 changelog :

Added various types of bolt action rifles

Game difficulty balanced

Added various zombie types: zombie cowboy, blue bastard, axeman.

Zombie tanks no longer get stuck

I couldn’t find a solution for afk players, please help.

I have a janky solution if you want to know

//Provided by Bazsi37

  paid_loot__points:i=500 //spawn with these points
  hitpoints__canBeRevivedByTeammates:b=yes //self explanatory (I dont think it works tho)
  hitpoints__downedTimer:r=30.0  //how much time you can spend in downed state before dying
  hitpoints__alwaysDowned:b=no  //when set to yes, you cannot die while downed.
  hitpoints__deathHpThreshold:r=-100.0 //HP amount when downed
  hitpoints__alwaysAllowRevive:b=yes // This would allow you to revive even without medkit. Does not work
  hitpoints__downedKillChanceBase:r=0.0 //chance of getting killed instead of getting downed when receiving damage greater than current HP
  hitpoints__killDownedByMeleeHit:b=no //can be killed by melee hit when downed 
  hitpoints__downedKillWhenBurning:b=no // can be killed by fire damage when downed
  bodyCleanupTime:r=30.0 //time it takes to remove corpses
  human_inventory__canSelfRevive:b=yes //allow self revive
//With thanks to tommayZZM here
base_zombie_armored_soldier{ //this code is to set armored zombie stats to default because this by default uses the normal soldier above
  bodyCleanupTime:r=10.0 // reduce lag by cleaning dead bodies earlier

In my map, players can in fact die but they can also revive themselves with medkits. Teammates cannot revive them for some unknown reason (i think i recently made it possible for teammates to revive with a medkit)
But if afk players are left to bleed out, they die and wont respawn. However, this means normal, playing players can respawn if they got sliced by the katana zombies

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Thank you for your help, but it is not good for other players to not be able to heal the fallen players. We need to find a solution to this. If possible, it would be incredibly nice for the dead players to spawn again after the round ends, or to spawn after a certain period of time, this could also be an option.

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You can in fact revive players after i tested but you need a medkit

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I tried it too, we can heal it with normal medkit, but we cannot heal it with advanced medkit (germ_advanced_medkit_item), this is very interesting.
It would be great if fallen players could be healed without needing a medkit, other than that it seems fine.

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there is a tag i removed, which supposed to revive people without medkit. But that tag caused inability to revive players even with a medkit. Its bugged
It is better to be able to revive with medkit than not able to revive at all right?

Oh. I have no idea. Maybe germ_medkit_item != germ_advanced_medkit_item. So it wont work? But thats as far as the modding community go in tackling the AFK player problem
I have played your map, and its great without afk players. Because the katana zombies are attracted to the those downed players
Also, i forgot to credit you for the katana zombie. I also added them to my own map (Gavutu Zombies: Timeline Disorder). My map just combine anything i think and see so its chaotic. Not as good as yours because i did 0 map editting

I hope we can solve this somehow.
I really liked the maps you made. You can just add some details or something. It would be great.
By the way, I saw the katana zombies on the forum. I made changes on them and added them to my own map. I changed their weapons and added zombies carrying axes, knives and similar things.

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For me i used the same thing but i made them hold weapons from unknown war(moon war) and modern conflicts

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In fact, i only released my 2nd map recently.

You can suggest details on my forum page (i fail every art homework/test at school so…)
In return, you can download the code of my map and learn from it. It is open-sourced and available on the forum page

I think you can make your bunker a bit less dark. I think the details are great except a tiny little bit too dark
Also, when i joined into a wave 20 game the katana zombie instantly deleted me somehow. You might want to make a more secure spawn if possible

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I couldn’t find a solution for afk players, please help.

Best solution is to increase mass of zombies:


This way AFK player won’t be able to stop zombies.

This doesn’t solve the issue, but rather circumvents it.

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yes it might be a little dark
I will try to change
By the way, there are many options to protect yourself from sword-wielding zombies.
You can buy armor, climb somewhere and escape, or play aggressively and kill them : )
Thank you for your advices

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I will try this, hope it helps, thank you


I have tried it, but the real problem is afk players destroying the server. The lag it causes

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