[Map] - Soviet Invasion of Manchuria

A significant front has been neglected by DarkFlow, one that features two great powers facing off against each other.

In August 1945, one of the greatest Allied superpowers fights against an Empire which has already been decimated by another Allied power.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this front shall no longer be the idea of fantasy, of which we entertain by dreaming about how glamorous it would be for us to obtain it.

For today, I bring you the Soviet Invasion of Manchuria mod!

This mod takes place in August of 1945, when the Soviet offensive into Japanese held Manchuria took place. Fighting for the Soviets are the Russians, Mongolians, along with both the KMT and CCP (Chinese Armies), and the Japanese fight with the IJA, Korean Conscripts, and Unit 516, which has its HQ in Manchuria.

The Japanese are place on the defense, with the Soviets assaulting them with all of their might, on land and in the air.

This mod features custom squads with period accurate uniforms, names, equipment, and tanks. Early and late war equipment is used, so everything from the M1891 Mosin to the Type Hei Automatic is used.

Tanks in this mod vary, with Japan receiving a larger quantity, whilst the Soviets receive slightly higher quality tanks.

An AA Gun and 2 APC units are given to each side.

The landscape of this mod is recreated to try and mimick the actual Manchurian landscape as much as possible without the game breaking, and the buidlings are somewhat based on real buildings in Manchuria.


Anyways here are some snapshots of the mod!

Japanese Fort in Manchuria

Soviet Soldier

Soldiers of the Chinese KMT

Soviet Tanker

T-34-85 firing on Japanese positions

T-34 (1941) firing on a Japanese Chi-Nu

KMT P-40 leased from the United States of America

A Mongolian and a Japanese in combat

Japanese Infantry Unit one hour before battle

Korean conscript Jeon Jung-kook in the IJA

Japanese Rifleman heading towards the front

Mongolian Soldier armed with a PPD-40

Unit 516 wearing masks to protect from White Phosphorus

Chi-Ha with a 120mm Navy gun sent to fight a T-34

Anyways I hope you all check out this mod, and I do hope that you enjoy it!


Another banger as usual

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Good job! The mod is amazing but some minor errors caught my eye:

This door wont open

Also i noticed that some soldiers had the ability to sprint extremely fast. One example was the engineer in the soviet flamethrooper squad. I hpe you check that out aswell.

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Alright well thanks for bringing this to my attention, I’ll fix it ASAP.


Update Log: Added more cover to the 2nd Objective, added the Chi-To for the Japanese, and the T-34-57 for the Soviets.

More Updates are to come and rocket artillery for both sides will be added soon.

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Update is here. 3 New Squads for each side, a radio Squad, rifleman Squad, and a medic squad.

New Factions:
Belarusian SSR (U.S.S.R)

Manchukuo Imperial Army (Japan)