[Map] Polar Laboratory

Somewhere in Russia:

While examining vulcanic samples, the USSR’s best scientists have discovered an unbelievably strong metal. Convinced that this could be used in tanks and armoured vehicles, a whole laboratory was built into the mountain near a vulcano.

The aformentioned material later became well known as stalinium…

Parking area, depot and entrace to the complex.

The cave directly leads to the bunker, which also serves as the home for the personnel.

Or you can take the other path up; Before the cave, this was used to transport supplies to the mining site.

The mining area. Precious stalinium is lifted out from the lava, where it can be found in big boulders. Fun fact: the melting point of stalinium is so high that noone has found it yet!

Stalinium. Mixing 1 gr of it with regular steel enhances tank protection by 10000%! Phosphoresce only lasts for a couple of minutes when exposed to air.

Tank Garage

Prototype, stalinium enhanced T-34s are assembled here first, and when ready, they are delivered to the main tests sites.

Biggest fear of any German tanker…T-34 Driver Hatches!

A little shed, made out of an old house ruins, is a safe(r) place from the bone chilling cold.

Due to map design and overall size, Gun Game is the gamemode.

Download it here: https://sandbox.enlisted.net/post/C7QLVTzqJpqv9aAx/



So… T-34 spawned on this map have 9000mm effective armor?



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incredible work. Good job.

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it’s really good looking :slight_smile:

and i love hand made maps.

they have their own touch

( more like, i share and understand the efforts that goes behind )

Edit. crazy to think that the germans actually got to siberia somehow.

or… far east in the Kamchatka Peninsula.

if you are wondering what the heck i’m talking about, i usually like to speculate on " lore " of maps and stuff.

as far as i know, a funny thought popped up in mind to see the areas in russia with active volcanoes, and there are a few. most notables are the Kamchatka peninsula and somewhere in siberia. the more you know.

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This looks like a map for modern adventure games. The protagonist team came to a secret experimental base abandoned for many years in extreme environments to explore, and did a great job!!


It looks great, would be perfect in LF.

Gives a certain good old vibe:

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let me guess. the metal is Pure
Stalinuim? :smiley: