Making Enlisted a Better Place №54

Oh really? Well, I’ll put it into practice to see if that is the “solution”, thanks for responding.

Ahhhh, I get it now.

I’ve never had any standards with pilot. So I never knew “survive heights” for paras/pilots were any different.

Thanks, I’ll try it.

Adamnpee full-time kamikaze confirmed!


Anyway, you should now notice that you can survive lower openings with paratroopers.


Does this surprise anyone here? I mean …

Well, I sometimes kamikaze myself, but only when I get pissed after missing 2-3 bomb runs in a row.

(Not counting involuntary crashes.)

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man stalingrad maxin keep taking big L even if i hate stalingrad allie i do however like the maxim this is a sad day for all maxim enjoyer

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Most of time I ejected myself I was too low to even have chance to open parachutes.
Funnily enough, sometimes I survived jumping out of plane without opening parachute xD

And the rest was mostly out of area of fighting. So O always opened the parachute immediately. After few secs, it will despawn you without any need of landing.

Btw. Plus I often just suicide pilot via Esc button when I need to be on battlefield with bodies.

Yep, before it was 250 - 300m. Now it’s like 170 - 200m. But it creates even more noticeable time gap between your landing and landing of your bots. It’s at least 10 sec difference now.


I’ve been staring at my other troopers and pulling when they do. Seems to line up okay. Not perfect. Your lead trooper definitely has an overdeveloped sense of Gung Ho!


That’s the bug I reported! Thanks!


Created report about that 3 month ago, still no reply :smiling_face_with_tear:
P.S. Option to choose paratrooper helmets in different camo also will be appreciated
Event German paratroopers customization // // Issues


Can you maybe make Enlisted a Better Place by letting console players test the Merge?

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Dude? Why don’t you guys fix M712 horizontal recoil? Cuz that thing is abysmal

I agree, i’ll forward it


enemy engineer pulls an obstacle 5 metres in front of me apparnetly from the ass, im idiot who stands up after self healing in the middle of fire and if i want to get across obstacle i want to do it through highest point but your biggest issue is tunic

Can you please make Enlisted a better place by repairing the zero damage hits like these?
I am reporting ghost bullets for the third time already, please look into this. I want my headshots to count. Especially if they are done with a rifle from a few meters. Two in a row.

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What about the ladders that you can climb but not get off at the top?


Mantle afterward

What in blazes is this?

Restored to default hangar later and it’s still there.


It sure does look painful.

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