Making Enlisted a Better Place №53

You probably messed up everything related to parachuting.
I survived two jumps out of plane without using parachute at all during only one match. Plus you can safely open parachute way later than before, even with paras. ±150m is safe now. Before even 200m was very risky. ±250m was safe before this update.
And your AIs are dropping way slower now. I am always like 15secs on ground before they even land.

Btw, I obtained quite a number of medals in that match

seems kinda funny ngl

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Hey Tommy, will there be a Lone Fighters version of Big Action soon?

bots are totally retaded, tank protected by no go area kills through whole buildings or destroyed tanks, grenades you buy from alibaba and yor biggest issue is primal spawn and changes for 50 players at custom matches. But doesnt matter, number of human players at squad games, decreases rapidly so improving bots its waste of time.But maybe you just enjoy bots only matches, watching total retardation in war

I saw the photo of the Fedorov and thought there would be Fedorov changes


For the love of god, can classic G41 share reload system with premium G41 m?
The premium version still has the old reload, meaning 2 stripper clips are acting like magazine.


They are working on porting the G41 fix to other guns, iirc in the test the Type 4 rifle had its reload fixed as well, so who knows

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Yeah, but G41m is literally G41. But whatever, I guess I’ll have to wait for another several months…

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There are too few units in lonefighter mode. I think lonefighter is not suitable in such large cambat. Unless the number of players is increased to 200vs200, but I think this will be a difficult for the server.

I more prefer to the squads mode, which is one of the features of the main game

In addition, the current custom games are also very difficult to collect players.

The majority of players still start the game through the simpler Start Game orange button in the main queue.


I could imagine what 25 vs 25 Lonefighter would be like on your big Action mod :stuck_out_tongue:


Iwo Jima - Wikipedia

Only 29.86 square kilometers (11.53 sq mi) in size.

Tommy, is it possible to do a Big Action LoneFighters Pacific Island, perhaps… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Everything is very good but it is another completely unbalanced pay to win where you play with a rifle and the enemy has bombers 2 planes indestructible tanks a unique ability to hit shots through walls magically appear in the rear of the starting point but almost outside the map and the incredible targeted car that someone uses, the truth is the same as always. It’s good that every 20 battles you play a real one in the other 19 you are an actor in the movie of those who pay to win.
fix that in the next patch or update

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People grinded that stuff. You can do it as well. No need to pay.


Game feels completely mismanaged, failure on many levels. Lack of maps, a further a-historical future.
I really can’t tell where they want to go with this.

Why is that even necessary to begin with?

I should have said it was my first impression, sorry for that.

surely losing 5 battles in 15 minutes no, so either the matchmaker is used wrong or someone is cheating because 10 players in 5 different battles all running in a row towards a machine gun or a tank is not normal

It seems the reconnection issue still hasn’t been fixed, and every time I re-enter the game there’s a chance I won’t be able to deploy things. . .

Whenever I join a match that’s already started in Axis Tunisia I always spawn in my first squad(paratroopers) on the ground.
So…might wanna look into that?

depends on campaign riflemen swarm can cap points by number press

Jumping through small Windows is yet again pretty much impossible.
It worked like wonders after previous update. But now? This update screw it up again.

I really don’t like what you did with this patch. It’s completely unpolished.