Make the Battle Area for Both Team the Same

So I find it annoying that sometimes some areas of maps is available for the enemy team but not for you, and this has many problems.

1.) Grey zone rally points
Sometimes I can hear rally points and decide to head over to them, but find my screen warning me to turn back, leaving the enemy rally point functional.

2.) Grey Zone Tanks
Many times in maps there are enemy tanks who camp far back in the grey zone, and sure, you can bomb them, shoot it in the barrel, etc. But what if it’s a King Tiger? You can only do so much to put it down, but in the end, it is a tedious task to suppress it.

These aren’t the only problems I face with the gray zone, but these are the main two I face. What other problems do you guys have? Maybe the devs will listen? :thinking:


Giving access to both teams to the exact same area is not necessary a good solution.
In train escort it’s way to easy to abuse the lack of greyzones and spawn camp the enemy so the real solution should be making the maps bigger with greyzones that provide tactical cover for spawn point and prevent AT mining the road but still leaves enough room to clear out rallies and flank.


I agree that it does protect spawn points, which is the only reason why I think it is good. I also agree with your solution to make maps bigger with gray zones covering just the spawn points enough.

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Why does the gray zone exist in the first place? I have never seen an official explanation.

They whole Grayzone is odd to me. I am always of the opinion if one team can play in this area, so can the other team.

But grayzone throws this out the window.

Very annoying having to go out of bounds to remove a troublesome rally, HMG or cannon or pursuing a retreating tanker.

See War Thunder with some maps you can spawnkill the enemy directly straight from your spawn.

I recommend prolonging the fight in the gray zone so that I choose one lucky person to destroy the spawn point in the gray zone in a nearly suicidal manner
I often do this in actual combat, but if the terrain is too complex or too far away, I don’t have time. 5 seconds is really a short time, even a one-way ticket is too short.

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Hiding in the gray area and firing spam is the behavior of a coward. Whether it is a tank or a sniper, the negative behavior of hiding in the gray area will be a bad experience for both teammates and enemies.
My suggestion is that any infantry or vehicle can only stay in the safe zone for a certain period of time. Based on the tank’s poor off-road performance and further spawn location, the tank should stay longer than the infantry.
Anyone who is still hiding in the safe zone after this time will be regarded as a deserter, and the punishment for entering the gray zone will be the same.

This is very realistic, because when a battle occurs, soldiers who hide in safe areas to avoid fighting are regarded as deserters. Some countries even had war supervisory teams during World War II. If you dare to retreat or flee, you will be shot on the spot.


Advance to the Rhine map in Cologne, 30 seconds in and I have 2 kills.