Make bots pick up the nearest weapon on the ground when out of ammo or make them use the nearest ammo box

greetings. today i come with another quality of like update for bots.

and that is, ability to replenish ammo whey they are out of ammo. such as, for example, find the nearest ammunition box or replace their weapon with the nearest from a dead body.

why ?

well, reasons are few. because of my playstyle, i often push, empty all of the ammo in my weapon, and then switch to another character.

of course, there could be an argument of " you shouldn’t " do x or y.
but, it would be great and i’d argue not unresonable for that said bot to find other weapons or ammo box in the meanwhile.

second reason, which it’s definitely more important than the first one,

AI placed by modders in the editor will not replenish their ammo.
( yes, some of them, like ai squad mate have infinite weapons. but not the " lone " Ai that modders can use that will be stationary. )

but yeah, generally when they are out of ammo, would be great for them to replenish or replace their weapon.

How does it work?

whell, i was thinking perhaps as a order command, where it’s similar to formation selection.

you either let players decide if their bots once out of ammo will pick up weapons, or ammo crates instead.

and that is all.


I think we first need better intel showing method when we need to check situation of ai controlled solider
And I dont think this would have a large help. Normally AI have no rounds left is because player used this solider before and depleted the ammo. Which us normally on front line and died after a few seconds when switch to another solider.
About auto taking ammo… how about the like the way of hell’s gate or man of war? Like there is a circle around an ammo box and when solider enter that circle their ammo get replenish at a moderate speed

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might not be the best solution as i haven’t really though about it extensively as i always do.

but i’ll take one as good as any actually.
given no way of actually making the placed ai realistic and not have infinite ammo.
at least in my mods.

that’s half a solution though.

you’d still need to place ammo boxes etc.

which not even players do.

and AIs only place ammo boxes when defending. not attacking.

I think ai have infinite ammo when you haven’t use them right?

the ones created / generated in the squad yes. ( unless they are using the last mag )

the one created in mods using similar templates, no.

as a side note, none of them replanish or have infinite AT carriable munitions.

Bots are just useless. i get killed so often while my bots standing beside me and the enemy can do what he want to do :smiley:

I think this could be great if they also pickup med from the neareast medic box.

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I think your suggestion would work well together with the one I suggested a while back.

Same, thus I would appreciate a feature like this too. Or I would also like if other AI in the squad automatically shared ammo.

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