M3 Stuart with flamethrower in Pacific War

Why is nobody using this thing?
Seems cool and useful to burn out objectives…:fire: :skull:
But I have never seen it being used in ± 5 weeks of playing daily / 180 battles and counting.
I almost have it unlocked at level 28 and after that, I will try it for sure.
In the meantime I wonder why nobody uses it…
Will the enemy cut me up like sushi when I use it? :hocho: :fish:

It is a light and agile tank. It requires rushing and manoeuvring around the enemy, while people are get used to take a position and camp in grey-zone like with a Tiger or a Jumbo.


Ok thanks, that makes sense.
I’m no camper, so I will drive this thing full speed forward to the objective and stir-fry enemies with it.
I do hope this thing will drive well in the difficult terrain.

It has the weak m1 flamethrower even if it should have an m2. The flamethrower lacks range making it hard to use compared to ht 130 or panzer 2 flamm


When I play the US, I don’t use any light tanks except for long range support with the M8, and when playing Japanese, I’m always happy to see the M3 Stuart running around the field just to use the poor M1 flamethower and Destroyed by my Type 97 20mm hip fire, and at the same time wasting the opponent’s offensive manpower due to the loss of vehicles.

Any form of light tank charge is laughable under Type 97 20mm’s range.

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Because most of the time the Stuart gets decimated by Type 97 AT rifle before the tank got a chance to use its flamethrower.

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Because in pacific flamethrowers tank are pointless, in most map you need travel a long distance withaut cover off road only for be killed by an anti-tank rifle,plane or another tank

Is the opposite of stalingrad were you can simply use bulding for cover yourself and reach the enemy like a ninja even thanks using a road who make the tank move faster

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it in the same position as the Italian tankette imo but yea personally i would use it to cover my allie

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By the time you get close enough to a group of enemies to burn at least 3 different enemy players have lined up their AT rifles at you and your potential fun is soon to be prevented

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  1. Flamethrower has very short range it’s range should be increased by 3x
  2. Armor is lacking it will get obliterated by type 97 at rifle or any other JP tank/AT gun
  3. Your canon is just 37mm with dreadful HE and very mediocre AP
  4. It has less mgs when compared to M2A4
    It may become a little better with the merge but by not much
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The HE shell are not very good and turret rotation speed is a bit low.

I have used it once.
I wont be using it again.