"M2A2" carbine variant as Assault Rifle for the US

Let’s add this monstrosity as a pseudo-AR to the US as the “M2A2” which was literally a refurbished M2/M2A1 carbines.

Or go the easier way and add the M2A2 as M2A1 (which is already in game as very old gold order weapon) with the original 15-rnd mag like this one which has a video of it being fired in full-auto

It will also be one of the most “easy to add” weapons and it will also add something new to US/Allies


Why not just make the current M2 carbine an AR and make a T20 variant the full-auto rifle?


I don’t remember if gaijin/DF has switched any “type” weapon as of yet and I don’t expect them to do it now. EDIT: I forgot the arty-luger used to be a pistol-caliber carabine.

Also people have been asking for T20 variant even pre-merge and since it fires a rifle cartrige it would fit into “battle rifle” category (which isn’t even in the game) similar to the AVS/AVT for Soviets, FG42/FG42-II for Germans and the Type Hei automatic rifle for Japan.

I want it, please Darkflow.
This would be the most logical upgrade to M2 Carbine
AVS-36 → AVT-40
FG42 → FG42 II
These are the same weapons just upgraded.
M2 C → M2A2 C


It’s ugly.

I want it.


Best response here

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That’s just not possible. Lo siento mi hombre.

T20 is already a select fire. Do you mean to make it a BAR?

Think they meant add it after the M2 Carbine as a full power auto rifle to compete with the FG 42 and whatnot

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The “problem” is that DF isn’t bound by logic like us, mere mortals.

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they already did it with the VG1-5 before they can do it again (they change it from assaulter to normal riflemen weapon but im pretty sure it still usable by assaulter too)

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I would like to see the 1923 Thompson Automatic Rifle or the M1944 Hyde Carbine as an AR for the US. However, the later fires the .30 carbine round so that might be an issue.