M26 - Does its HE shells have splash damage?

Hi. Does the M26 have or at least seems in my oppinion have a worse splash damage on the HE shells than that on the Jumbo? I have 3-5 enemy soldiers and I hit the wall right next to them…killing absolutely nobody. I have to almost always hit them in the chest basically. I have better experience with Jumbos 76mm gun HE shells. I thought since the M26 has a 90mm gun it would be great against infantry but in all honesty it’s a crap tank. So is it just me or does it really have very bad splash damage?

According to stats, it should be just slightly better than 75mm gun of Jumbo.
I used Pershing like 3 times. So I don’t have lot experiences. But I didn’t notice that it was underperforming.

It seems to do as well as the KT’s 88mm HE so it seems fine to me.

There’s barely any splash damage in the game. The 122mm of the IS-2 is just as bad. You need direct hits if you want to unalive infantry

i think it is more of a problem of fragments being absorbed by different parts of the map and HE shells bouncing on the ground.


In this case it most likely isn’t a tank/cannon/shell problem, but a global HE shells problem.

Splash damage can be vastly inconsistent depending on the surface where the shells hit. Some surfaces / objects appear to just swallow all the explosion, dealing no splash damage whatsoever nearby.

Current anecdotal experience tells that the rule of the thumb is:

  • Shooting the ground usually works.
  • Shooting walls / objects is a coin flip. Concrete walls should work. Wooden structures usually don’t.
  • Directly hitting a soldier with the shell works best.