M2 Carbine

Genuine question - at BRV allies is there any advantage to running an assault squad?

I’ve just unlocked the M2 Carbine - so is there an advantage to using assaulters, or would an engineer/rifleman squad with M2 Carbines be stronger as an assault squad?

No, there’s not.


No the 50 rounds Thompson is not good enough to be worth it. US might get an AR in the future (as we are supposed to have engineer with assault rifle at some point for both japan and US) but as of now you should focus on the M2 carbine and the M1919A6 rather than assaulters.

Using engineer and MG squad is more efficient.

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The m2 carbine is technically a better all-around weapon than the Thompson; but nothing is more satisfying than clearing an entire house or trench with a drum-mag .45

I’ve unlocked every campaign weapon in the game, and I still think the Thompson is the best cqb point sweeper. It’s got the damage, rof, and magazine depth to dominate most close-in fights. Plus assaulters get shotguns, so…


Good to know, thanks - I tend to run 2 or 3 squads to do the heavy lifting, a couple for fun and a couple for levelling, so Engineer M2s and MGs it is!

The John lmg is killer as well. It’s a laser with almost no dispersion, low recoil and high rof.

Only problem is 20 bullets mag + high rof.

But if used with short taps…
One of my favourite arms.


Finally, some sense. As for the topic, no real use to the 50rnd Thompson I’m afraid. Only guns I’d use are the Carbine, johnson lmg and 1919 browning. Hell, I used these quite a lot back in H&G too…

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I like the Farquhar gold order semi rifle too - but how does the BR4 semi auto tech tree rifle stack up to the Garand? Can’t remember it’s name off the the top of my head - I have it, just not sure its worth grinding the upgrades. Really wish we had more of the stats in game to compare.

It has slow mode :PP.

Johnson LMG is definitely my favourite US mg atm.


Reason I love the John :smile:

I always forget that. Another reason why John is just great. It’s unnecessary when using short taps, but a great asset for sustained fire at long range.


Good so you can be productive for once.

Drum mag Thompson to take maximum advantage of the fact that thing is almost a Soviet bullet hose with more damage per round

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So if it’s used like a BAR? Lol
I still haven’t unlocked it unfortunately. Been working on the Red Coat tanks to get the Pershing

So if used like a BAR. Lol. Still haven’t unlocked it yet. Been busy getting the Red Coat tanks to get the Pershing

Yes. As it should. It’s even better than BARa2. One of the best arms in the game.

Like in good ol H&G :smile:

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