M1A1 Thomson or Lanchester?

Firepower or accuracy? I did a quick comparison between the Lanchester and the Thomson M1A1, and I can say that there is no real winner. The M1A1’s close-range firepower is dominant, but loses its advantage after 200m due to lower accuracy and nearly halved muzzle velocity compared to the Lanchester (not a big deal considering it’s a sub-machine gun, but still worth considering), furthermore the charging time is longer. In open environments such as Tunisia and the Pacific the Lanchester seems the best option, on the contrary in urban combat the M1A1 has a clear advantage. An option that can make the M1A1 more useful over long distances is the semi-automatic mode, not present in the Lanchester, but for practical reasons it is not always convenient to activate it.



Target: full auto, 50m, standing


Having said this, it seems to me to be a good choice to lower the M1A1 to Tier3, although there is a false myth that the Thomsons are an overkill, this model should fall into the same range as the Lanchester. Well done devs.

And for you which is the better of the two? In what context would you prefer one over the other?

never heard the thompson that are overkill.

but yeah. i think the lanchaster is better.

precise and decent rof

plus, it’s british :uk: :wink:

( but you know what’s better than the lanchester? lanchester 50 rounds )


Lanchester is better overall imo. It is a well balanced and controllable weapon with a nice sight.

M1A1 has terrible sight, significant recoil and important bullet drop off due to low velocity. It would be better in very close quarter if you hipfire only, due to its higher damage.

I would still recommend picking the M1928A1 box mag Thompson (which will be also at BR 3). It has better rate of fire and slightly better sight.


also, maybe it’s just me, but the m50 reising is even better than the tommy gun and lower br.

if it wasn’t for the 20 round mag, but in the pacific made me wonders when fully upgraded.

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Lanchester 50 is a clear winner


never liked thompsons, so lanchester for me. but overall i take m2 over both of those…

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Unfortunately it’s not unlockable and I couldn’t get it, but it definitely wins hands down

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well i guess im the odd one out since i do like the thomson more only because it a thomson that it. lanchester is pretty good too but yea i prefer thomson

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neither, lanchester 50 (event weapon) is only acceptable answer

…but how knows when the :kappa: will put it in as a event weapon again if ever

Why this question?
There is M2, so you don`t need both anyway

Well the M2 is far better, but it will be in Tier5… so there’s not much point in comparing them

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Personally I’m not a fan of how .45 feels in-game. For that primary reason, I would prefer the Lanchester.


Recoil stats are wrong and dispersion and actual recoil stats can be looked at the datamine sheet.

Thompsons are still trash though.


the m1a1 and the 100 round drum are the only decent ones

Nah they are not trash… they are differently special

Not realy. M1921 Grip is the sole good Thompson.

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Best allied SMGs are: Thompson 100, Thompson 1921/28 and Lanchester 50.

After the merge I will have all 3 of them :heart_eyes:

Both are good gun, but i like more the thompson m1a1 once upgraded is a good gun even in endgame

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Absolutely no recoil, I got them for Normandy when I started it. That plus my vickers para squad make me too op for my low level