M1919a6 can't modidy sound (OUTDATED)

Is there a way to see what all the sounds are that are tied to a weapon?

I’m looking for how to change the sound of the ?1919a6, but I can’t find a way, when I change its sounds only the sounds of the tank’s machine gun are changed, I’m going crazy searching file per file


i did another mod and it works!!!


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But the sound is modified? Or is it not different to this?

I have extraced all assets.bank files and the only m1919 files are these:


I don’t really play allies, but maybe someone who does, can help you better. There has to be a weapon with a similar sound.

TL;DR i have no idea where the sound for that weapon is.

a bit outdated.

but this can somewhat help you:

( just search for the gun names through the editor, and then scroll down a bit until you find stuff like:


ww2_guns.txt (987.2 KB)

but yeah, the m1919a6 can be found in the mgun sounds.

which are the ones linked by @Bazsi37

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I tried find any console command that let you see/debug sounds, but didn’t found any that can help you with sound names. Or they didn’t work…

Well, i did another mod and My sound it’s in m1919a6

But the default sound its reproducing too.
The default song it’s overlapping My sound

Let My try
If can share a update txt, i would glad to recive it