M1919a6 and pps43 new mods

ok, i am doing a modpack for some weapons (some desync audio for youtube and compressor)

here its a view of new sounds


Nice, will be keen to check it out when you done.

Are you just going to do a few weapons you think could be better or alot?

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I will try to make a great collection of weapons that I currently don’t like the way they sound.

Then I will look for weapons that I like the current sound that are requested


A sound of the MP40 turned out really well, btw, im converting the sound of some weapons from another game, and i stopped right at the M1919, the LOOP file. Did you change it as well, or was it not necessary?

Oh yeah!

I’m still using all your sound mods, and I love them.

My mg42 feels like a mg42. My m1 carbines gives the impression they pack a punch. Really nice.

I’ll use those one you make as well if you permit :slight_smile:

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I need to ask @Bigote0070 you can use every kind of sound for replace gun One?

Finally MP40 with no goofy sound

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Nop, it’s not necesary

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I couldn’t find the ‘body’ file for the 1919 either, do you remember which file you swapped?


I couldn’t edit the previous post. Are these the files for the 1919?


nop, its 12_7mm body

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This is my current sounds in Enlisted, what do you think?