Lets talk about fighter-bombers

So I’ve just read about the new P-40-E and the first thing that came to my mind was… stuka.

What I mean is:

  • it has 500lbs/250kg bomb, like stuka
  • it has 2x100lbs/50kg bombs, half of what stuka has
  • it’s BR2, like most stukas
  • but unlike stuka, it probably will be faster, more agile and has much more firepower, this is undersrandable as it’s still a fighter plane

I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to air warfare. But from my perspecrive this particular plane has almost as good CAS capabilities as stuka but doesn’t have any of it’s downsides (being a brick).
I wonder what do more experienced pilots think about this.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting a nerf or anything. I’m just concerned that a fighter plane is almost as good at CAS as atacker at the same BR.


Its the same boat as the IAR 81 C or soviet p40.

I am of the opinion that fighters with payloads on par with attackers (at their BR) should be attackers (like the p-47 and 190D).

But then they are still better than the dedicated strikers at their BR.



the BR1 hurricane has a nice armament for bombing low BR tank and infantry to

Also all other BR2 p40 and p38

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Yes, i think this is a good payload for a fighter, same with the 109s and zeroes

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With the way planes have been going, probably wont need to distinguish bewteen fighters and attackers…just planes lol

All the new fighters have attacker loadouts


That’s what botthers me. Though I guess that’s where the game is going for a while now, things being universal.
Imo it’s a boring direction but that’s just my opinion.

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the whole system is flawed and should get reworked.

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How did people only come to realise this now?
Anyway, recent flight model changes seem to have nerfed fighters a lot when it comes to CAS - they are way way WAY more happy to just pankakke when diving, so it’s already nerfed.
The Soviet P-40 used to be the best plane for BR5 outright lmao