Let us create battlegroups of squads

Allow us to have a quick set button to fill our active army (we have only 1 after all) with squads we have already prepared. This would allow us to switch tiers easier than having to monkey around with the (sadly lacking) interface as it currently exists.

And maybe a filter on squads to show tier (and allow that to be stacked with type ?)


well, actually we have 6 presets slots for battlegroups

Might have missed that. Thought it was only for soldier class.

I have presets for soldiers and for squads but not for combat groups. Or I can’t find them. Please explain where or how I can combine several squads for a battle group tier 2. Thank you!

We need a similar system for groups of squads that we have for squads.

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Exactly!!! We must be able to build battle groups out of diffrent squads for the diffrent tiers 1-5.

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Great minds think alike :smiley:

Those who have played long enough have got a ton of squads of each type- its easier to configure them for Tiers and then we don’t have to futz around with the interface to get quickly into a BR 5 match when all are stuff is BR 2.

In addition, it has the added benefit